Vroom Vroom Vuitton, Golden Apple Hotel

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Vroom Vroom Vuitton

(image courtesy of Vuitton.com)

Yes bitches, I totally missed the Vuitton event of the year. I know, I know, if only I could kick my fuckin ass, I would.

Consider it as a blessing in disguise though.

I’d be bankrupt by now with all the shopping I could have done that night had I gone to that event.

Seriously, I’d be found at the nearest street corner selling my soul (and sperm cells) just to pay for my credit card bills.

But yeah, the store is gorgeous.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Get ready to salivate my dear minions.

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(image courtesy of Vuitton.com)

Whether you like it or not, when you say Paris, I say Louis. When you say France, I say Vuitton.

When you say Louis Vuitton, I say HAIL MARC JACOBS.

Wanna know the other thing that made me palpitate?

Trish Goff is alive and well!



Golden Apple

I was researching my accommodation options for my upcoming fall/winter escapade next month and one thing that caught my eye is the new (and Moscow’s first) boutique hotel that opened earlier this year.


I know, I know, I’m getting 14 nights FOR FREE at a different hotel because of my frequent hotel points. Gotta love American Express!

According to my Russian sources, the hotel is quite stylish. The rates aren’t that bad, too. They range anywhere between US$180 – US$300 per night. Whereas the cheapest room at the Hyatt hotel runs at US$600 PER night!!!!


That’s the thing about hotels in Moscow – they charge extortionate rates so this Golden Apple Hotel is truly a gem, budget-wise.

Moscow is not THE place to be if you don’t have dough… unless of course you want to stay in a soviet-era type hotel room with hookers on the street and cockroaches that crawl the walls.


Check their website out: www.goldenapple.ru.


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  1. OMG, Bboy, I ADORE you! Ur totally sexy and hot, and so are ur handbags (and ur upper arms ;) ). I’m so sorry you did not make it to the LV opening, u should have let me have that invite, I would have made you proud, hun! Last time I was in Paris (back in April) the store was closed and covered in cerises :'( I would have given anything to go inside. Keep the pictionaries coming, dear, ur big in Mexico! *kisses*

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