Star struck? Take a Glimpse at My Future.

Written By bryanboy

Star struck?

Don’t be.

I guess there are people who end up being star-strucked one way or another when they see me. Some people have told me this and some even apologise profusely. It’s flattering in a way but in all seriousness, why?


I’m just someone is young… and loves to be young. I’m free… and I love to be free. To live my life the way that I want, to say and do whatever I please.

Seriously though. I’m no celeb. I have no talent whatsoever.

Snap snap reality check.

Can I just have an Anna Scott moment?

Take a glimpse on my future.

One day, people will get bored of my same old same old incessant ramblings. History repeats itself. Everything new becomes everything old and everything old becomes everything new – over and over and over again.

I, too, will be bankrupt with no cent left on my name except hundreds of dirty designer handbags and soiled underwear.


My fabulous looks (coffee anyone?) will fade, my skin will fuckin sag and get infested with liver spots, warts, wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars. No amount of botox, plastic surgery and liposuction can stop me from looking just like a male Jackie Stallone (yes, that’s Sylvester’s mum my friends) in the future.


My last breath would smell that of absinthe, piss and xanax.

My future nephews and nieces will probably disown me for bringing embarassment to our clan.

I’ll most likely die OLD and ALONE… on the street and not in a retirement home.


Let’s face it – the future is not bright and it will never be orange.


So yeah.

Just get over this whole fame drama. Please don’t be shy and just say hi to me when you see me.

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Around the same time last year, the only people I knew are those who work in the HEALTHCARE industry – my aesthetician, my waxer, my pedicure person, my masseuse, my hair stylist, etc. In fact, only 2 people visited me in the hospital (how PATHETIC is that?) when I got confined back in April.

I’ve been going out for far too long and trust me, being recognized and acknowledged is still a new thing for me.


Try having several years of no one saying hi to you and I’m sure you’ll know what I mean.

A "hi" is still a "hi", regardless of intentions. I’m a shallow person, champion of cluelessness and of course, social outcast extraordinaire. Someone saying "hi" to me in person is enough to brighten up my day.



  1. Omg, remember when we met in Bora? Hahahaa. I was speedballing like anything in the world and I was like, “Oooh, Bryanbooooooy!” Then we hugged and you gave me your number, hehehehe. :)

  2. Hi Bryanboy, I check your site every day! :-) Im spreading the word here in Dubai, UAE. Keep posting. You always make my day! Take care!

  3. HELLO BRYANBOY! I enjoyed reading this post. I somehow like “this” side of you the most. Btw, I met Hannah already and she’s a darling. Visit us and let’s have a blast! Again, HELLO BRYANBOY!

  4. I’m at school right now in Naperville, ILLINOIS of US of A. I love your blog. Even if you do get old and saggy, you’ll still be fun :-)
    So, hi, and smile!

  5. Sinong hindi masisilaw sa dyosa?! Lol.
    Seriously, that shoot was, though exhausting because of the unbelievable heat, was super duper fun. Thank you for simply being you.
    Bitchy or not, wagi pa din.

  6. Oh bryan, don’t worry, i’m your constant reader and bwisitor and hence i shall stay here and read and visit your blog even if your old and wrinkly and saggy.
    besides, you’ve been taking care of your skin far better than i will ever do with mine, and hence you will have great skin when you’re older (they said if you start early, you’ll end up having great skin later on!).
    and if i ever see you in manila (if i leave sydney) i will definitly get stoked and awe struck and wouldn’t know if i should go up to you and say hi or just bask in my starstruckness. :)

  7. Awww, my heart goes out to you. Just wanted to say HI and show you some love. Sometimes I get PMS too and feel completely irrational and feel like no one loves me…but a few martinis and some new Dior usually helps me to snap out of it. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading your blog no matter how elderly and decrepit you get!

  8. You’re so nice. Thanks. Now I feel stupid for not approaching you and saying hi. That would’ve probably been the highlight of my night because my cousins were really boring :) Well, there is a next time :)

  9. Monsieur

    That guy, in the blue suit… looks like a poorly dressed superhero… not cool… No brand-nameage can save his ass… blah.

  10. One time, I was on MySpace and saw that you were too. So, I sent you an IM. To my dismay, you never responded. Maybe you never received it in the first place. Oh well. Anyway, my IM basically consisted of the following: Thank you for adding me as a friend. I love your blog, and read it frequently.
    Next time, I’ll just email you.
    Oh, yeah…”hi!”

  11. just wanted to say HI! :) i read your blog nearly everyday ever since i saw your article/interview in the YS section of Phil.Star a few months ago.:) i like all your amusing stories and the pictures that come with them. keep up the good work. :) and don’t worry too much about people not saying hi to you too often…they’re probably just as shy. ;)

  12. Hi! Who’s the roderick paulate look-a-like? And is natural hi-maize a blog sponsor of yours? I kinda don’t get why they’re posted on this entry.

  13. HI! :D
    thanks for accepting me as your “friend” in friendster. haha, so cool!!
    you brighten up anyone’s day..i’ve been telling my friends here to check out your blog! thanks to cosmo,i found a fun thing to do when i’m online–that is, check out your blog! kudos!
    if you get tired of your handbags, send me a note. haha. ciao!! everybody loves you! mwah!

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