Roberto Cavalli Vodka? Damn.

Written By bryanboy

Roberto Cavalli Vodka? Damn.


Jesus! Here I am thinking Russian Standart Platinum is the best vodka I’ve ever had.

I really look forward to the day Louis Vuitton sells monogrammed toilet paper.

Thanks to Ronald for this sort of information.



  1. I feel so honored to have inspired a post on your site. Here is some information that I found:
    Roberto Cavalli Vodka: $60. Uses fine Italian grains filtered through crushed Italian marble; available this fall.
    I heard that it’s good. I can’t wait to taste this.

  2. LV TP…my dream has come true. Where can I purchase some? I can’t wait to savor the sensation of wiping my ass on those luxurious monograms.

  3. I also heard this Roberto Cavalli vodka is very smooth…My boyfried was in NYC in an event …they were serving Roberto Cavalli Signature Martinis with a very cool miniature caper!
    My boyfriend said that it is the best vodka he has ever tried…he usually drinks Grey Goose or Stoli Elit. He wants to buy Roberto Cavalli vodka…the problem is that we have not found Roberto Cavalli vodka in any liquor store in NYC? Any info on where to get it?

  4. GARY Goldman

    The Cavelli Vodka is great.
    I usually drink Kettle One..
    This is much smoother and tastes just fantastic.
    If you can find it.. drink it and enjoy.. simply the best vodka ive ever tried.. better than ELITE

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