Out with the Old, In with the New

Written By bryanboy

Out with the Old, In with the New

Before I continue with my usual inane ramblings, I thought I’d say bye bye Miss American Pie to my crusty 2-year old desktop computer. The thing gathered dust a couple of days ago but it was only until today that I got found out that the thing can no longer be resurrected. All my files, all 100+ gigabytes of it, my precious and priceless Outlook emails, several thousand songs, my collection of imagery (no, there’s nothing incriminating there) and my life are inside the 2 hard drives. Both drives didn’t have backup so I’m permanently screwed.

I thought I was protected because I’ve set my Norton anti-virus to autoupdate but for some strange reason, both hard drives fucked up on me.

Even my 17-inch Sony Vaio (the one I got back in March or April for like US$3-4,000) can’t be fixed. I spilled a drink on the keyboard and the damn motherboard (or whatever term a techie calls a laptop’s guts) corroded.

I went to the mall today and bought a new laptop. It’s an HP Pavilion. It’s quite alright; it cost my pocket friggin US$2,000… it better be ALRIGHT.

You know what’s strange though?

My entire life can be found on both computers that died on me so I should be crying my heart out.

But I’m not crying.

In fact, I have no tears whatsoever.

I have NO idea why.

I really have no idea why.

I think it’s a sign.

A sign that says "out with the old, in with the new".

Perhaps this new laptop acts as if it is a small token confirming that I have a NEW life.

Ugh. I don’t know what to think anymore.


  1. Ah technology, it always screws you over.
    Once my computer just deleted two whole folders, one of all my manga (which took years to d/l) and another of all my writings and stories.
    I was so upset, but it’s true, you start over again to something bigger and better =D

  2. You sound like Ms. Bradshaw in that post, haha!
    Have fun with the new laptop, it’s like a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled… With more inane ramblings 8)

  3. You know, I heard Maxine Hong Kingston speak last year and she talked about losing the manuscript she was working on when one of the frequent California wildfires destroyed her home. She explained how she tried to get to her house to save it, but it just wasn’t meant to be. She didn’t have a back-up for that either. It was just gone. So she had to start all over again and create something new. In a way, I think it is liberating to be completely washed of the past with nothing but today and the future to inform your new work. I don’t think it’s weird at all that you’re not bothered by the loss of your computers.

  4. You’re right, it probably is a sign. My work laptop died last week, and I lost 2 years of work files..I thought I would be devastated.
    But alas, only 3 days later, I got myself a new job!

  5. oh bryanboy… norton can’t save you from hardware defects. strange though that both harddrives should crap out on you at the same day… have you tried putting them into another computer? and even if that doesn’t help: there are companies specializing into harddisk recovery. not cheap, but they often can save a lot of data – even if the harddrive got destroyed in a fire!

  6. been reading your blog and loving it to bits! anyway, i couldn’t help but comment to say that spilling a drink on your keyboard will NEVER corrode a computer motherboard. tell your technician that… i hope you didn’t fork over hundreds for that crappy tech advice…

  7. Pia Magalona

    Yeah.. Shoulda gotten a Mac. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.
    I myself have switched over to the Force, instead of staying on in the Dark Side since husband gifted me with not one, but TWO Macs.
    An iMac G5 for my desktop and an iBook G4 to boot. At first I wasn’t a believer but now, whoa! No viruses whatsoever.
    Join us, bryanboy… return that PC while you still can!
    Remember: Mommy knows best!
    Love, Pia:)

  8. I use a HP Pavillion too and it’s wonderful. But then again, I agree with above posters when they said you probably should’ve bought a Mac intead. $2000 would’ve gotten you a pretty solid Mac.

  9. miss cooper

    Aww, bryanboy. If you were close to me we could get all your data back; my bf specializes in data recovery. Believe me, you can get that info back if the drives are in the right hands. :)

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