The fucker was right.

Written By bryanboy

Last Supper

The thing I love about "free" websites is the fact that they will exist online forever and ever and ever and ever, amen.

I went to my ex’ home page and his last message to me is still there.

Yep, the one whom I spent a year and 8 months with.

Yep, the one I really, really loved.

Yep, the one who really, really loved me.

Yep, he made this page for me a couple of years ago.

And believe it or not, everything he said there was true.

So true it hurts.

Brace yourself fuckers.



(yep, a small one.)


  1. bryanboy

    oh shush!!!!!!!
    that was like 6 or 7 years ago.
    my god
    we’re old farts.

  2. Poor Toolkid…
    You should mail me a present. Why? Because philanthropy is the new cocaine!! Everybody is doing it!!!

  3. Aww, thats brutal. I hope you & him both are fine now as individuals. I hate sad loveletters, they always get me..

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