Living it Large, A Token from Fargo, North Dakota

Written By bryanboy

Living it Large

If you can’t do it, someone has to.

At least in a small way.

A small yet vulgar way.

Har dee har har.

This is the best birthday present that I got in a LONG time.

The country’s #1 broadsheet (think newspaper for those of you illiterate bitches), dedicated 3 pages to my glorious and pretentious and fauxbuleux and trashy parrot self.

Alright, I have yet another prospect for my own TV show somewhere in North America (I’m keeping my mouth shut for now… BUT….)

For now, life can’t get any better than this y’all.

Full article can be found at:
(I’m posting the link LATER in the afternoon cause I don’t want people from the land of the brown, the natives and l’exotique NOT to buy today’s issue.)






It’s gorgeous! It’s madness! It’s fabulous! It’s madness! It’s fabulous madness at fabulous madness! (You gotta love Bubbles!!!!!!!!! Screw you if you don’t know who Bubbles is)

So there.

Thank you, Tim Yap, Jenni Epperson, Steve Tirona and the folks at Inquirer.

I LOVE the land of the brown, the natives and l’exotique! Long Live the Fabulous Third World!

What a nice way to start one’s morning.

I love you all!

Pop Your Cherry!

If you’re a virgin, let me pop your virtual cherry by reading some of my best (and old) entries. These foul-mouthed (and calorie-free) posts are what made me, the patron saint of pretentious people, fauxbuleux.


With over 2 million people served worldwide in the past year, surely I can’t be wrong.

It’s best to read these posts with a friend or two.

My ego is big, my mouth is foul and my asshole is wrecked.

And that’s the way I like it.

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A Token from Fargo, North Dakota

Here’s a token from Josh expressing his "deep-seated" affection and admiration for me, me and me!


As always, you all know where to contact me. Email or SMS +63-915-785-1492.



  1. guess what bryan? I bought a copy of the Inquirer at 5AM this morning! :P Ohhh la la

  2. I <3! Thanks for being my guilty pleasure. Can't wait to read the article…post it soon!

  3. I was totally wowed when I saw Super today! Haha, something tells me you’ll get that billboard along Edsa sooner than you think :p

  4. I showed my cleaning boy your blog. He comes from Manila and well, knew you already. You are a such a star !

  5. ~*Stephanie*~

    Happy 1yr Birthday hun – you totally rock! If they had “your” tv show in the states, I would for sure watch!!! Best of Luck *muah*

  6. Happy B-day ( day of course)!
    In that one pic it looks like you’re doing your own little production of Singin’ in the Rain. ;D

  7. I saw the newspaper. You dont look as fab as you do on the net.
    You kinda looked like a “guy” in the spread. No offence but I prefer it when you look “fab!”
    And you obviously toned down you writing.

  8. There is a special place in hell reserved for you, you stuck up, superficial, shallow, egotistical douchebag.
    You much have a huge ego to think that animals should have to die so you can feel “fabulous”. There is nothing fabulous about wearing the chemically preserved carcass of an animal who was slaughtered in some brutal way such as gassing, suffocation, live skinning, or anal electrocution (which I think you would probably enjoy a little too much). Hopefully there is such thing as karma or hell so you can feel the horrible pain and fear that those animals felt at the hands of snobby fur hags like yourself.
    You are a sick person and you should be skinned alive for what you do and the fur you endorse. Do the world a favor and die.

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