It's Business!

Written By bryanboy

It’s Business!

Today’s a good day. The sun is up, the sky is blue and I’m wearing some jeans, a Dior Homme t-shirt and an Hermes scarf as a belt.

It’s so good that it only took me 18 minutes to travel from my house to a place where it usually takes 45 minutes to go to.

(god I look like a cadaver on this photo. my skin is awful!!!)

And then you’ve got all these public rallies and politics-related protesters going on around the nation’s capital.

Thank god they’re far from where I’m at.

Thinking about politics gives me a headache.

I don’t even want to talk about it.

I won’t deny the fact that I’m a horrible citizen.

I really could care less about politicians.

In fact, I haven’t even voted. I’m 23 years old and I’ve never voted.

The only time I’ll vote is when I’m running for a position – I’ll vote for myself.


I’ll leave that ‘vote’ job to 80 million other Filipinos.

I already have my own personal drama to deal with let alone deal with others.


Rally or not, I have a lot of things on my plate that I gotta finish.Enterprise

I’ve decided to rent, for an entire year, some mini office space at one of the prime buildings in Makati, the Enterprise Tower. For those of you out there living outside the land of the brown, the l’exotique and the natives, Makati is Manila’s premier financial and shopping district.

I’m meeting a gal there in a bit so I can sign the contracts and pay for the entire term. It’s a really small office; in fact, it’s one of those "serviced" office things – I get like a teeny, tiny room where I get my own desk, workstation, chairs, etc. I have to start somewhere.

This is quite momentous for me because I’ve been working out of my home for the past god knows how many years.

Who knows, perhaps one day I’ll have an ENORMOUS office with tons of beautiful people as my worker bees and then I’ll have an office fling etc. that sort of thing. Hahahahaha!

I have always wanted to know what it feels like to be sued for sexual harassment.

I’m kidding.

What I meant was

I have always wanted to know what it feels like to be sexually harassed.

(I know it’s not a laughing matter because some of you have experienced such thing but really, a pervert like me would be more than happy to pay someone just to rape moi. Sadly, a rapist won’t even rape me even if it was for a million dollars.)

I’ll update you guys later. I’ll take some photos, go shopping and see what happens.

I love you all.

As always, you know where to contact me. Email or SMS +63-91-7851492.



  1. That’s a beautiful building! Do rent a space there and take piccies for us =D
    Your skin doesn’t look bad! Maybe I can’t tell from the photo but it’s actually quite nice and smooth.

  2. Let me let you in on a little secret (and may I add, it’s kind of embarrassing.) I have never voted and I’m 28 years old. How horrible a citizen am I? Last year my husband and I both didn’t vote, but we rationalized it away by saying that we would have voted for opposing candidates so we would have negated each others votes…. does that make sense?

  3. honey, i love ya as much as i love my underdeveloped arms but your use of “the l’exotique” is killing me! you don’t need “the” in front of it since the “l'” already serves that purpose.

  4. bitch you are fat

    you know the reason why you look like a cadaver?
    that’s because you put on make up that doesn’t work
    on your skin tone, sweeeeetieh.

  5. BOO for butch Bryanboy

    woah woah woah Bryanboy what are you doing to yourself! You look *TOO* butch in that last picture. =[

  6. I have been sexually harrased for about to 2 years. I thought the guy was just being friendly & chummy, until my two-cell brain figured out that all those late-nite cocktail guzzling, frenzied playstation battles & office groping was prelude to a vicious attack in the lift.
    It was ugly. But he was fired. Turns out, he has a fetish thing going on for young kids. Which made me wonder, if he ever had the hots for his own boys at home..
    *shrugs* It was fun, until the monster crashed through.

  7. bryan i was just wondering how come u put urself casually in danger by going into countries wherein you dont know anybody like
    iceland for example, sheesh isnt it dangerous?
    you might end up like monica belucci in that tunnel in “irreversible”. yikes!;)
    a can of mace is something u need, hon.

  8. I love you to death and do not mean this in any evil or ‘ha, take that!’ kind of way, I’m just saying this as someone who feels that you can do SO much better. Your foundation is not working for you as it is the wrong shade for your skin which is why your usually great looking skin is not so glowing and why it makes you look older than you really are.
    Being a l’exotique myself I would recommend using a brand called ‘Bare Escentuals’. Their foundation consists only of natural minerals which means that you can even go to sleep with it on (great for all your late night outs-no need to wash off the gunk. Just crash on your bed). Another one to try would be Chantecaille foundation. I’ve heard rave reviews about it. Well Bryanboy with just a change of foundation, you’ll be your fabulous self again!

  9. Miss Velveteen

    You stinky little fur wearing fuck! I hope you’re skinned alive and lay rotting in a dumpster where your body will be taken to and dumped in a pile of garbage and your flesh eaten by rats and seagulls. You make me sick. You are “SO” not attractive, in fact you are a hideous little creature who needs to wear the fur of dead animals so you can feel “pretty” you disgust me in every way. You egotistical little prick.

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