Happy Ageing!, Family of Faggots, A Run For Their Money

Written By bryanboy

Happy ageing!

Someone say bye bye to good ol teenage years cause ya ain’t a fuckin child no more. Tim, from Australia, celebrates his 20th birthday today.


Happy, happy, happy ageing, Tim from Australia! Bryanboy and your interracial best buddy Becky loves YOU, YOU and YOU!


Cheer up, both of you. Y’all look as if someone stole your virginities!


Don’t forget to invite me as the fairy godmother should you, ex-fetuses, decide to make a mixed-race mongrel baby.

Bryanboy LOVES Australians and all the shenanigans who live down under – that includes the entire Asian student population, the cute, cute wog boys, and of course, the poms that populate the kangaroo motherland.

Family of Faggots

Let’s face it – if a lesbian daughter is a curse, then a gay son is pretty much the end of the world… or a tree’s final branch.

If you think one faggot is bad enough for a family, wait till you see the Doody Family from Wolverhampton in the UK.


This from the BBC: The Doody family from Wolverhampton has been crowned The Faggot Family in a national competition, and to kick off their reign they will launch National Faggot Week.

Click here to read the article dated January 27, 2003.

I wonder what happened to the 2004 and 2005 winners. Victims of homophobia? Oh well.

A Run For Their Money

You gotta love Monique, a Filipina who lives in Vancouver, Canada. The babe with a nice set of pouty lips can sure give my favourite Singaporean boys a run for their money.


Go on then you fools – I invite YOU, yes, YOU, to emulate my infamous handbag pose. I’ll give a kiss on the cheeks and an oreo cookie who, in the words of Monique, can "capture the essence of Bryanboy".


Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Davao City, Philippines, Richmond (Slough), UK, Griffith, NSW, Australia, Astley (Bolton), UK, Knightdale, NC, Toronto, ONT, Canada, Tsutsuicho, NorwalkcommunitycollegeJapan, Brentwood (Havering), UK, Amersfoort, Netherlands, Waterfall, NSW, Australia, Catania (Italy) and of course, people from Rhodes, NSW, Australia. My god, a ton of Australians eh? I like my newfound fan base. Diversify, diversify, diversify. Bryanboy LOVES you all – Identify yourselves and say hi!

#2 – Big shout out to these 2 cute people from Norwalk, Connecticut. I like these "Couples for Christ" type of photos.

#3 – Please spread the word about my new venture, www.InsideMyBag.com because you love me the same way I love you.

I think that’s it for the night.

I love you all my dear friends.

God I love my blog.

If you only knew how THERAPEUTIC it is for me to sit here, crop photos and purge whatever it is on my system.

Anyway, until then.



  1. Muah muah, loves it dawlin! Thanks for the holla… I must be gifted, because that only took one try. Haha… yes, I challenge any bryanboy fan to a pose-off.

  2. Bryan did you notice that the “I Love BRYANBOY!” in those photos are IDENTICAL?? Seems fishy to me.

  3. That fatty needs to spend her $$$$ on Jenny Craig or Trimspa instead of purses.

  4. re. previous comment by ewww: OHMYGOD she is soooo not fat!!
    yes bryan you should have a mini “bryanboy bag pose” competition. :D
    and yes, us aussies LOVE you bryan!

  5. Love you, love your site, love your new site, and looove your handbags! Like everyone and thier mother says- I wish I had the cashola to buy those bags!
    Can’t wait to enter your pose off contest- although I still won’t have a million dollar bag to pose with, it will be stylish as all hell.
    And to that comment by ewwww- stop ripping on other people and work on yourself- this isn’t a forum to shit on others for no reason, now go play in traffic.

  6. I love the way your blog is and its great that you can be out at your age, I am 39 and it would have been impossible for me back in the early 80’s. What do your parents feel about your being out?

  7. To Ewww, assuming you were talking about me, I may be a “fatty” but this fatass sure can pose and the camera loves me. So be gone.

  8. Pia Magalona

    I loooove Monique’s pose! I don’t think JUST ANYONE can carry that off! She’s a natural and looks like she’s having fun. OTHER PEOPLE are just sourgraping because they can’t pull that off. OR they don’t have a digicam.. Ha-ha!
    Re the identical I love bryanboy pics.. Yep! The CSI says it’s the same one used over; they just cut off the edges and colored-in the heart. What gives? Maybe they’re just into the recycling thing.
    Love, Pia:)

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