Written By bryanboy


I was originally gonna do little red riding hood this year but I don’t think I have the balls guts, especially in public, to wear sheer underwear and a bloody incontinence pad.


I spent 2 hours yesterday shopping online for the perfect halloween costume and this year’s costume involves this (black boots and black heels):


More updates in a bit. I gotta take a poo.



  1. your post reminds me of the student cross dress cabaret we had a few days ago. all the boys were wearing fetish shoes and garter belts… i think you should really get some agent provocateur with matching swarovski whip!

  2. we have the same taste on books/magazine. those teeny-booper kind. =) oh yeah im gonna send you pics of my bags and whats in them. im gonna shop for halloween costume too…im really looking forward to dress up. tc!

  3. Okay! That photo of Red Riding Hood/wolf/woodcutter was taken at my Halloween party! How odd it should end up here!

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