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Written By bryanboy


(I’m the only one who’s not pretty. I look terrible that night. *sigh*)

There’s definitely something odd going on.

I left the house at around 9:30PM on a Wednesday night and I got
back home at 9:30AM on Thursday. That’s about 12 hours of pure

I slept at around 12:00Noon, only to wake up at 9:30PM after nine hours and 30 minutes of sleep yesterday.

What’s up with the nine-thirty? Is 9-30 the new 7-11? Should I buy lotto tickets with these numbers?


I started my night by going to Bizu to meet Tina T. who I haven’t
seen in the longest time; in fact, she was the reason why I decided to
go out today. I’ve been out of circulation the past week or two because
of my colds/cough. I was introduced to one of her childhood/best
friends. I hope she gets a Louis Vuitton Suhali bag — in blue!

When Pepper arrived, we went to Nuvo (a bar/restaurant located at Greenbelt) for a couple of drinks, met quite a few people.

Stayed there till about 1:30AM or so before heading to the VIP room
at Embassy, drank for a bit, got my YSL shoes stepped on, stepped on
other people’s toes,

Après-Embajada, Celine, Ianne, another gent and moi went to Jacques’
house for more vodka and orange fun. It’s all good and i had so much
fun. It’s one of those times when you want the night to last forever…
but you have to go early cause your evil bitch troll
sister-cum-cinderella-pumpkin-wagon-driver, your maid and your 3-month
old bitch is waiting for you inside the car, nagging on your cellphone that you have to go back home.


Just Shop

Desire is the ultimate necessity INDEED!

Jenni Epperson, shopping queen of the land of the brown, the l’exotiques and the natives, famous for her good finds and shopping skills par excellance, Creative Director of Just Shop magazine, and of course, the one who took memorable and unforgettabe pictures of me looking like a bloody lampshade, notified me recently that the teaser ad… and this month’s "Just Shop" magazine is availabe today!


(Click the graphic above for a larger version)

If you are FIili-flippin Filipino and you live in the CAPITAL of  the land of the brown, the l’exotique and the natives (also known as Manila), be sure to get hold of "Just Shop", October Issue. I have a piece there about a mini shopping guide to some of the Metro Mall-ila’s malls.

Erickson Beamon

Ya gotta love Erickson Beamon, bebe. I bought a fancy schmancy bracelet with colourful stones the other day at one of my fave shops here in Manila called Firma. It’s a little gem of a store filled with some of the most faBulous (with a capital B) finds ever — feathered fans, semi-precious stones, exotic (and the perennial matronic beaded) handbags, jewels and various accessories. They also have home furnishings!


I was supposed to get one of those US$150 faux-bling-bling watches but I opted for this bracelet instead. It’s quite pricey… around US$600, ouch, but it’s really, really beautiful. The picture doesn’t do the bracelet some justice. Trust me though – it’s soo gorgeous and I fell in love the first time I tried it on.

Erickson Beamon is available in Manila by going to Firma (Greenbelt). It’s also available on the internet by visiting Net-A-Porter.

Hello Moto

Say hello to my new phones.

I’m really a Nokia fan and the last time I had a Motorola was back in the dark ages when the phones are as heavy as a brick and I had a trusty, crusty, Star-Tac.


I think it’s time for me to jump on that Razr V3 bandwagon, who cares if I’m late. I like how it’s thin and black and nice. I also bought a Motorola MPX220 – I love the Windows features and how the ring tones are LOUD as in LOUD. Heck, even pressing the keypad is LOUD.

I love my new phones. The only thing that’s hard is how to transfer over 400 people on my Nokia address book without the aid of hooking my phone up to computer… it’s a serious job, I’m telling you..

Consider it as a blessing in disguise at east I now have a reason NOT to include those unimportant bitches in my life. Hah!

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

Ouradyofmaterialism#1- Pleasanton, CA, San Antonio, TX, Rowland Heights, CA, Montclair, NJ, Garo, Japan, Binghamton, NY, MelVille, Saskatchewan, Canada and of course, people from Grandouet, France. Identify yourselves bitches and say hello to me, Bryanboy, Our Lady of Materialism.

#2a – Calling all citizens of the land of the brown, the l’exotique and the natives. I’ve been indulging again by watching TV. I know, I know, it’s a sin I shouldn’t be confessing but seriously, WHO THE FUCK IS THAT GUY ON THE NEW SUNSILK SOFT TOUCH COMMERCIAL? HE’S SOOO FUCKING CUTE. Maybe it’s his stubble/facial hair that’s making me feel like a bitch in heat despite the fact that I normally don’t like hair on any part of the body other than one’s head?

#2b – I have a photo shoot and an interview for a local magazine in about 2 hours. I’m scared of these things. Honestly! I mean, I know I’m a camwhore… but only if it’s MY camera and not somebody else’s. I really don’t know why I’m not comfortable in front of anybody else’s camera.

#4 – I thought I was the most tactless person in the universe. I was wrong. There are a several of people out there who won’t know recognize what a dick is even if it landed on their faces.

#5 – All I can say to this other person is thank you. Thank you VERY much. I wish you the best in your future endeavours, whatever they may be.

As always, you all know where to contact me. Bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS me at +63-915-785-1492. Tell me you love me.




  1. 9:30. It’s a conspiracy! Nah, just kidding. Who knows though? Could be something with your “internal clock”. Whatever.

  2. Saw your post in LVLU and just had to drop by the infamous blog of Bryan Boy =)
    PS. You should watermark your photos so no one steals them.

  3. Polytik

    Umm.. by any chance is the Jacques you mentioned Jacques Dupasquier? It must be!

  4. Yeah Yeah Yeah your BLOG is very much fun to read but don’t you think this is being too much…don’t u realize that it’s sacriligious! Who the hell you think you are? You are not even an inch close to being a Virgin Mary…I suggest the you use your photo shop in the right way…not like that! You came from a very reputable catholic school (Colegio de San Agustin)…Is that what they teach their students now? Know your limits MR BRYAN!

  5. er…to say that that pic did not do that bracelet justice is an understatement.
    that thing looks like something that came with my Jewel Secrets Barbie back when they were popular…

  6. cebuano

    I dunno Cebuanos are more stylish than peeps from Manila. The capital city of the Philippines is such a thrash. No wonder Claire Danes commented that Manila is such a ghastly place which is so true. And also it is so true that the Tagalogs are insecure with the people from the Queen City of the South, Cebu!!

  7. Ah, I see you mentioned the StarTac. I’ve gotta say, I miss that phone. It was clunky, but at the time, it was the coolest shit…I kept mine to remind me of my days in high school when I was so cool with my Motorola…LOL. Now I’m packin a T-Mobile Sidekick and I must say, I am obsessed with it. Bryanboy, what gives? Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton have Sidekicks…and I do…so why don’t you?

  8. I beg to disagree “CEBUANOS”.. cebuanos are more like “Mean Hoes of the South” cuz how they dress up! If not, betta get your ass in Greenbelt, Makati and see for yourself honeyÜ and then, EAT YOUR HEART OUT. Who’s insecure of who again? Hint:poster from cebu… *evil laugh* not our fault that Manila/Makati is where EVERYTHING that’s hip and happening… so shut your trap

  9. Confessions of a Thin Gay Drama Queer

    Who gives a fuck to Claire Danes? ugh Cebu… good luck…

  10. cebuano

    Everything thats hip and happening? Yeah, higher crime rates, tragic political issues, thrash and other stuff..blah…blah..blah… No wonder Manila is always lashed out by the forces of nature…is it a sign that it is going under the water soon? And dear Claire Danes was just a reference and it is quite shameful to know that we have that kind of capital city representing our country. I would say BAD IMAGE!

  11. @cebuano: Sweetie, it’s TRASH not thrash…and you don’t precede it with an article..
    Now I’ve said this before and I’d say it again, if you must criticize anyone, make sure that your grammar is immaculate otherwise, it makes you look like a trying hard loser who do not know better…

  12. Isn’t it supposed to be DOES, instead of DO? And shouldn’t OTHERWISE be after the comma, not before?

  13. cebuano

    To sugar: Sorry my mistake. I am just a human being but I guess you are the Immaculate Mother of English Grammar. I doubt it that you never had a single error on your english grammar and such and such. So stop being a bitch, be quiet and eat your pussy out.Peace!

  14. @??: You’re quite right! It should indeed be “does”. Meanwhile, the comma is fine after the adverb but there should have been a semi-colon prior. Now, that was written in a haste but no excuses.
    The point is, no one is perfect. Don’t be an effing critic if you, yourself, are far from impeccable. Criticisms are only acceptable when they are constructive.
    And cebuano, that reply is just classy. Really classy.
    Enough said.

  15. ohh forces of nature affects Manila now? Come on “CEBUANO”, you’re just a jealous faggot. Cebu is NEVER gonna be the capital city of this country. And it’s also not helping that you guys are real hoes and sluts. Believe me, even my cebuano friends say ang lalaswa ng mga babae sa Cebu. Sheesh! I wonder what that makes you… ohhh… wait, I do know! You’re one of them bitches… sa pagsasalita pa lang. [fyi, how can one eat her u-know-what? oh my don’t tell me you’ve done that?! you’re quite an exhibitionist, are you?]
    Go dress up like the usual and pick some random guy up.
    Face it. Cebu will NEVER be Manila.
    and by the way, if we really are insecure of Cebuanos, how come IKAW ang nagttrash talk ng Manila? To what I know, kung kme ang insecure, kme rin unang magttrash talk. Eh kaso hindi. Ikaw na taga Cebu. Kahit ano pang sabihin mong negative about Manila, wala ka pa rin. Advice lng, isaksak mo sa utak mo yan… xe ikaw na nagbbad mouth sa Manila and yet ikaw pa rin tong insecure. Hay buhay… dami na plang “MALI” sa Manila, kinaiinsecure-an pa rin…
    too bad Cebu’s never been in the limelight… positive or NEGATIVE. Patay na bundok ba tawag dun? Hehe! I dunno…

  16. to Cebuano and Manila:
    i have lived in both places. BOTH have their own styles, their own pros and cons. thus, your bickering in this place is just pure nonsense. it’s very dangerous to generalize,you two. because not everyone in cebu are “hoes” (sic), manila (there are a lot of them sluts here in manila too). and not everyone in manila are “thrash” (sic), cebuano (there are some trashy people in cebu too). if you travelled well enough, you would realize that what u are doing just shows how ignorant you two are.
    and please, it is not just the cities that represent the country. it is the PEOPLE. and you two, my dears, are giving the philippines (esp Cebu and Manila) a BAD IMAGE.
    so grow up. and try to see the rest of the philippines. you will be amazed.
    to Bryanboy:
    i still love your blog!

  17. To Sugar: I wasn’t criticizing anyone at all, just wondering. I don’t pretend to be an expert. Weren’t you the one who mentioned “make sure your grammar is immaculate”? Naturally, I expected your comment to be immaculate. My point was, and still is, if you’re going to criticize someone, whether it’s constructive or not, and you advising him/her to be certain it’s IMMACULATE, then I say practice what you preach. I wasn’t the one who placed “immaculate” in my comment.
    By the way, when you said “make sure that your grammar is immaculate otherwise,…”, you should have stopped right there. That would have been considered CONSTRUCTIVE (“Criticism are only acceptable when they are constructive.”). However, adding the insult totally defeats the purpose of being ‘constructive’, don’t you think?
    Therefore, this comment of yours – “The point is, no one is perfect. Don’t be an effing critic if you, yourself, are far from impeccable.” — truly, truly, truly applies to you. **wink wink**

  18. @??:Aaaargh! I hate online debates…a lot get lost in translation but whatever, they’re fun.
    The point is, no one is perfect. Don’t be an effing critic if you, yourself, are far from impeccable. Criticisms are only acceptable when they are constructive.
    ..was not for you. It was a general message – what I was trying to call cebuano’s attention on when she/he made her stupid comments the first time.
    As for practicing what I preach, believe me I do. Not to gloat about it but I hardly make any mistakes. I was, still is though not active right now, an ESL teacher. Grammatical errors literally drive me nuts. Yep, I know how totally OC that makes me seem but it’s true.
    It’s just ironic that I had to make one when I was making a statement about perfection. Chalk it up to karma, I guess.

  19. To Sugar: I actually ADMIRE you for your admission of error. That said, I wish you well! Peace..

  20. @??: Gee, thanks! I can’t tell whether you’re being sarcastic but I prefer to interpret that comment positively. ;)
    Meanwhile, my apologies to Bryanboy for going completely off-topic in your comments board. But then, it happens quite a lot here anyway so I guess no harm done? ;)

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