Anna Oh Anna, Miss Celine's

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Anna Oh Anna

The picture says it all.


U.S. Vogue editor Anna Wintour reacts after having a pie thrown at her face on her way to the Chloe show at Jardin des Tuileries in Paris October 8, 2005 as part of the Spring/Summer 2006 ready-to-wear fashion collection. Wintour had a pie thrown at her by a PETA supporter protesting against the promotion of fur in the magazine. Photo and text courtesy of REUTERS/Handout

Miss Celine’s

Went to Celine’s birthday party on Saturday and boy it was fun!

I know my outfit sucked – I literally didn’t have anything to wear. I swear to god, I need to catch up on my shopping otherwise I’d be paralyzed in the next few weeks.

Saw everyone from A to, well, A. They’ve closed down the vip area strictly to those who were invited. It’s refreshing to see the "room-with-the-pink-walls-and-yellow-floors" filled with no other than beautiful people and sheer immortals, especially on a Saturday night.


(happy, happy birthday babe!)





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More updates later. I gotta get my ass ready. I have another photo shoot to do later today and the call-time is in 2 hours.



  1. whats with the stripes??? i guess stripes is ur favorite right???? (calling fashion emergency!) keep up the good work on your site…you have gone a long,long way…………i like you!

  2. Monsieur

    Nice stripes… sailor.
    Complements the armband at least…
    Less make-up next time, too shiny…

  3. I saw you last saturday at embassy, and I was thrilled beyond belief. I wanted to say hi but I was too starstruck. Hahahaha. I didn’t want to embarass myself, but look, now I just did. You look fabulous.

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