Bryanboy Goes to the Bookstore

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy Goes to the Bookstore

Whoever said that I’m a blonde girl trapped inside an Asian guy’s body should be shot in the head.

Contrary to what each and everyone of you thinks, I, Bryanboy, know how to read.

While I don’t believe in mass media (I don’t watch TV and I don’t read newspapers), I like to read baby-chick lits and teenage fiction.

I went to the bookstore yesterday and bought 7 books – enough to keep me sane in the next few weeks.


1) here | She’s Got the Beat
2) here | Teen Idol
3) here | Princess in Pink
4) here | The Highs and Lows of Being Mia
5) here | Ripped at the Seams
6) here | Every Boy’s Got One
7) here | Mia Tells it Like it Is

I also bought the November ’05 British Vogue and the latest issue of the Philippine Tatler.

Wanna know what else I got?

Here’s the most blatantly sexist publication in the planet.

They’re so sexist that they even have "NO BOYS ALLOWED" on the darn cover.

Alright, either they’re sexist or they’re teaching young girls on how to be a lesbian.












Gorgeous, innit?

Where was this magazine when I was a young child??????

I’m telling you… I REALLY had a deprived childhood.

That explains my long-term fascination with everything material.

I browsed the magazine and it’s filled with interesting stuff, for kids, that is, from celebrities to gossip, to games, family, books, artwork, everything!

I think this magazine is geared towards pre-teens, if I’m not mistaken.


The youth of today eh?

They have access to a lot of things.

Back when I was a child, all I read was fuckin Archie comic books and friggin Sweet Valley Kids/Twins/High/University/Grandkids/Funerals etc.

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves everyone who submitted photos of their bag guts on my new online project, Bryanboy loves y’all and  keep your submissions coming… they don’t have to be designer bags! 

#2 – Birmingham, MI, Dearborn, MI, Collierville, TN, Taylor, MI, Brightwater, New Zealand, Piscataway, NJ, Montreal, Canada, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, San Marcos, California, Scarborough, ONT, Canada, Brooklyn, NY, Las Vegas, NV, Ingleburn, NSW, Australia and of course, people from Framingham, MA.

#3 – I’m long overdue to see my shrink again. I think I’m going nuts. I don’t know. For some strange reason, I heard voices in my head before going to sleep yesterday night. I heard a young boy’s voice saying "Never say ‘I didn’t do it’".

Having some psychiatric disorder is the last thing I want in my life right now.

Or maybe not.

My life is already a big ol psychiatric and sociopathic mess, I should be the poster child for xanax. I bet there’s a ton of psychiatrists out there who would LOVE to get their cold hands on my ass, conduct a study and interrogate me, FBI-style.

#4 – Whether you like it or not, I’m going out tonight. No harcore partying though – dinner with a friend, some cocktails and maybe, just maybe, shopping. It’s time for me to replace my camera and I saw a gorgeous one last week at Sony.

I love you all.



  1. I’ve never commented before, but I read your blog everyday.
    You are my hero <3<3<3
    And I just wanted to tell you that Ripped At the Seams is a totally awesome book. I read it about 2 months ago and couldn't put it down :)
    I'm sure you've probably heard if it before, but if not, you would LOVELOVELOVE the "confessions of a shopoholic" series!

  2. kristine_golly

    your blog(s) are so freaking addicting! were you, by any chance, looking at a T7 from Sony?

  3. I love teenage drama too, but Meg Cabot? Seriously?
    Bryanboy, sweetie, go get your hands on the Georgia Nicolson Diaries (there are currently six books in the series) by Louise Rennison…They’re so friggin’ hilarious that you’d pee your pants with every word…okay, that’s a tad exaggerated, make that every other word.

  4. Completely agree to go read the Confessions of a Shopoholic series. Totally addictive and so well written.
    Don’t ever stop being you. Enjoy being who you are and doing what you love. Who is anyone to tell you not to or that you shouldn’t? Screw them. They suck.
    kisses M!ssPB xx

  5. “Every Boy’s Got One” is so good. I love Meg Cabot…I love the Princess series she has. Definitely read the “Shopaholic” series…they’re awsome!

  6. yes, yes, yes, get the Shopaholic books! you will loooove them!
    Of course we know you can read! We all love your writing so that must mean you can read, I think they kind of go hand in hand. You keep us entertianed everyday with your fabulously written blog.
    Orange County, CA loves Bryanboy!

  7. I forgot to say- I love how you put your face in the pictures! The first time I saw one, I didn’t realize it was you! I just thought, “hmmmm, that model looks a little odd…”
    hahahahaha so funny!

  8. biznatch...

    FUCK! im hooked in this blog………….
    (how the fuck did i find this blog anyway)

  9. Pia Magalona

    I loooove books!
    But if you, yes YOU… and that means everyone out there in cyberspace… really want a great read, go get the book “Save Karyn” (by Karyn Bosnak) which is her true story of how she got in and out of debt in the most creative sort of way!
    I commend all those who’ve read it. I devoured this book two years ago. It’s hilarious, to say the least.
    Go to for more info.
    Love, Pia:)

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