Support Oxfam NOW!

Written By bryanboy

Support Oxfam NOW!

It’s friggin 1:03PM and I’m about to go to bed.

Remember my little fashion project? Well, the auction started yesterday.


Knight_1Nick Knight (yes, the REAL Nick Knight of Pirelli calendars, Dior ad campaigns and Gwen Stefani’s album cover), the gang at ShowStudio and i-D Magazine are auctioning off fashionable contributions from highly-influential people in fashion, including Bjork, Mrs. M. Prada, the folks at Yves Saint Laurent and yours truly. Hahahahaha!

Place your bid now for my old Issey Miyake hooded top.


Click here to read the story and the drama behind that garment.


Click here to see how the staff at ShowStudio unwrapped my little tyvek envelope of love.

And yes, I FedExed the thing to the UK.

Fresh from the third world baby.

If you’re a loyal Bryanboy fan, bid now and pay top dollar pound sterling for your own little piece of Bryanboy.

Bid, Bid, Bid, Bid, Bid NOW! Click here.

It’s for Charity.



  1. OMG! I just got here by accident but I cant stop reading now! Bryanboy, I think I love you! You going on my favourites!

  2. I am a nice girl so I decided to try to support Oxfam and bid on your sweater, but I was outbid in a matter of seconds. Everybody wants a piece of bryanboy!

  3. The Fashion Fugitive - Orlando

    So yes I’m reading your blog instead of ranting at (they just took out $200 in my account today) that I didn’t even withdraw. Identity theft is rampant nowadays. I’m fucking sick of reporting it to the merchants. So here I am reading your blog, you are my daily dose of insulin Bryanboy. You saved me several times from committing suicide. Your blog has taught me to fight fight fight pomp it up to the nines no matter what. I just love you dearly Bryan. We’ll meet one of these days.

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