Shove it!, Lacoste

Written By bryanboy

Shove it!

Here’s a little act of kindness (and of course, publicity) for those who give it to me.

*rolls eyes*

As some of you know, I ocassionally check sites that refer to my site from time to time. I like to keep track of what’s going on around the world, where my site is being talked about, etc.

You see, I’m a certified A-grade hoarder. I hoard clothes, bags, accessories and such.

Heck, I even hoard love, attention and hate mail.

Anyhoo, there’s another entertaining thread on some Filipino forum somewhere. Trust me, there’s quite a few hilarious posts there.

One thing in particular is this ‘Foxistar’ person who is certainly sure that I want to be a girl but even a sex change can’t change the truth… no amount of money will make me a girl.


It looks like this fucker knows me more than I know myself.

(BTW, I’m not sure whether or not posters can re-edit their posts once they’ve posted on the boards but I wouldn’t be surprised if s/he took it off. Anyway, at least I know… and have seen better)

A sex change?

Me being a girl?

Why on earth would I want mussels on my crotch when I love being a boy, I love my cock, I like jacking off and being jacked off?

I’m not THAT deranged to turn myself into a vagina.


Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck.

In any case, isn’t it just adorable?

What’s even more amazing is when this wart-faced douche bag emailed me earlier today.


Then I replied… and he replied…


And finally…


If I was a handbag designer, there’s no way I’d email "ugly, gay, almost famous" people who WANTS TO GET A SEX CHANGE out of the blue and bribe them with handbag endorsements in exchange for free publicity.

The right way to do it bitch is to at least kiss my ass, worship the third world soil I’m standing on and tell me I’m fucking gorgeous, fabulous, sexy and all things patronizing that you can think of. Once I’ve promoted you, then you can start the backstabbing and the filth.

Not the other way around.

Alas, you did quite the opposite.

I hope my efforts in giving you publicity pay off.

I just fucking love it. People will go to great lengths just to use you… kiss your ass, say bad shit about you, etc.

Fuckin bastards.

When the only thing I want to do is to have fuckin fun.

Nevertheless, I’m glad there are people out there – and these are the people who really MATTER – friends and genuine people – who know better. People who will never judge me based on what they see initially, but based on their own personal experiences of/with ME.

You know who you guys are and I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

I know I OWE absolutely no one any explanation – as you guys have told me over and over again – but it’s things like this that I can’t bear. Don’t worry, I’ll most definitely fine-tune myself and learn to adapt based on my experiences.

Back to the handbag bitch… who’s the bigger loser now?

Me, obviously.

Because I’ve let myself used and gave what s/he wanted.

But frankly, I don’t give a flying fuck.

Shit happens.

Look mate, your handbag concept is nice, in fact, a handful of your bags are quite cool, but your attitude fuckin stinks. Whether or not you get something out of this post you at least owe me a couple of handbags.

May you rot in handbag hell.

*runs off to get a Fendi Spy bag in white mink*

La La Lacoste

As Fashion Week in New York goes into full swing, photos are flooding in, particuary the ones from Lacoste.








I knew s/he’s gonna reply in a heartbeat. S/he’s on crack bryanboy.



Coffee anyone?


Loves it!


As always, y’all know my email address.


  1. hahahahah talkin abt…….. hypocrites……. anyway. their bags look pretty good but the fact that i might be digging into the cloth where someone’s crotch used to be , lookin for my lipstick,isnt such a hygenic and un-gross idea. Even if its washed 100 times, which i doubt. Oh well. hate mails for you are just for jealous people, you should stop entertaining em and instead focus on us, the pps who love yo!

  2. Girl from Sydney

    Ok, this is gonna be totally random coz 1) i’m new here, and 2) i kow tt girl sitting next to andy roddick, and omg, i din know she KNOWS him. Fancy finding tt out on ur blog. Haha.
    Anyhows, great read.

  3. I tried clicking on that link you posted to that thread about your blog, but you have to have an account in Girltalk to view the thread.
    Do you have an account there? LOL… I just find it funny. Most of the women there just ask questions about how to lighten dark underarms and all that crap.

    Awesome post bryanboy. now we know what kind of person that foxistar is. life is filled with people who will lick your ass as long as it’s gonna benefit them.

  5. This only proves that people only hate on others that they are envious of. Consider their weak display of character a compliment. The apology was absolutely hilarious. Busted!!
    Turning someone else’s designer pants into handbags though…I’m sorry, that is a really shitty idea. Literally. I’m with you Irene, I just don’t know about carrying around something with someone else’s recycled ass-juice stains on it. Pass. I’d sooner get one of those godforsaken Chick by Nicky Hilton bags from TJ Maxx.

  6. Delilah Valentine

    People really need to get a fucking game plan before acting all retarded. Good way of putting the sorry sons of bitches on blast! Take Care!

  7. Confessions of a Thin Gay Drama Queer

    If I ever caught you posting their LOCAL YUCKY BAG here on your website. I will immediately drown myself and my fucking laptop in the swimming pool.

  8. Pantbags are completely unoriginal, it’s been used as an art project for schoolchildren for years. And not only are they unoriginal, they look horrid quite frankly. Look at the tie-dye ones. Eek. Que horror. I’m sad though that the link to his face on was removed. I was really curious to see what this murderer of the English language looked like.

  9. concept is So fucking dated!!!!!! and obviously lifted. Talking bout thirdworld???

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