Random Cheesemax to the Max!

Written By bryanboy

Due to insistent public demand, I’m going to dedicate this post entirely to everything that I love… and random cheesemax.

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Montreal, Canada, Piscataway, NJ, Sydney, NSW, Providence, Rhode Island, Houston, TX, Parkersburg, WV, Daly City, CA, Plymouth Meeting, PA, Brookline, MA, Albany, NY, Bedford Park, IL, Tucson, AZ, Sherwood Park, Alberta (Canada), Wrgl – Tirol, Austria and of course, people from Tampa, FL. Bryanboy loves y’all! Identify yourselves bitches and say hello!

#2 – Screw H&M for dropping Kate Moss off their ad campaign. I mean, who would want to buy clothes from them anyway? I love the chic & cheap cheap & chips concept but there’s no way in this life I’m wearing clothes that hundreds of thousands of European teens wear. Ok, I love Top Shop… and I love Mango… but I certainly don’t love H&M.

Stick to the big guns, Kate. Chanel and Dior loves you the same way I love them.

After all, with a pretty face like yours, and of course, the most fabulous skin in the world, you deserve better.

Click the graphics and maximize your window to see the full-size versions. You have got to see her face up close to appreciate her skin. Classic case of "when good things happen to bad people".

Kateface Kateface2

I’m still your number one fan. I love you Kate!!!!

#3 – I was on that god damn gay UK website again and this one is worthy of the Extreme Makeover 2005 award. My god, it’s amazing what 3 years can do to one’s looks. Pic #1 was taken in 2002, picture #2 was taken on July 2005, picture number # was taken last month.


Motosneakerwh2 #4 – Thank you very much Monsieur Dumlao for introducing me to the Seven New York store. Yes, I emailed them about the Raf Simons shoes… just waiting for their response. I love, love, love, love the motorcycle sneaker!

#5 – I’m flying this weekend to an undisclosed location for my photo shoot. Oh my god, I’m finally gonna be a model. Eat your heart out Daria Werbowy (I love you babes). Ok, not really a model as in fashion week model, but, I’m gonna have my pictures taken the way the models get shot for newspaper/magazine editorials.

Coffee Anyone?

Even if I’m not modelling for anything, I’m more than happy to be one of the world’s laughing stock.

Oh oh oh I’m so excited, the thought of it makes me cream my pants. I’ll tell you more about this venture when it gets published. Just cross your fingers, your legs and your dress for me. Ain’t no mountain high enough my dear darlings!

#6 – This one goes to HKWHI.

Fuck you. Seriously, fuck you. Thanks for giving me a good head fuck. No airline out there would want to carry your excess baggage. Not even FedEx. There’s a big difference between "me & him" and "you & me". You and me have stretch marks as far as fuckin Colombia while me and him had liposuction done in Brazil when we were 11. Burn in hell you fuckin dog.

#7 – Check out what happened on my conversation with this lovely, busty, big-chested, Hispanic 17 year old girl from Brooklyn. She was curious about what Manic Manila is like. It’s nice for people to be curious about my city for a change. Really.



I guess she was concerned about mugging, given the level of crime they have up in Brooklyn.


So I gave her the solution to crime, petty theft and mugging.


#8 – Fashion week is operating at full swing and the gravy train is currently in London en route to Paris. I can spot a vagina with a nice body a mile away and this girl is hot hot hot.


#9 – Oh. my. god! Erin O’Connor has been eating again and gained some weight!!!! If you’ve been tracking Erin The OC over the past few years, you’ll probaby notice that this is the fattest state she’s in. And that Jade Parfitt beauty. Bah. Lucky bitches.



#10 – Here are some random pics from the Versace store relaunch and afterparty. Donatella V, looking as butch as ever.




That’s all for now. Enough brain purge.

You know where to contact me. Email bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63-915-7851492.



  1. I love Kate too for representing all of us short, skinny (5’7″) bitches…but jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, how do they still let this woman model for Dior with such heinous skin? Not to mention, the stereotypical bad British choppers. She looks at least 10 years older than she is. Take a page from Whitney Houston’s book, Kate, crack is wack.
    The model in # 8 — absolutely stunning! Wish I had those long skinny toothpick legs.
    Bryan, please, no. Usually I think you have exquisite taste, but the Motosneaker is all wrong. Reminds me of those gawd-awful high-top velcro-closure sneakers the Down syndrome kids used to wear back in the 80s in elementary school.
    Other than that, I can’t wait to see the outcome of your photo shoot. You always look fabuleux in your regular pics, so this should be a real treat. Work it!

  2. oh, silly kate! daaarling, don’t you know that only the original catty diva naomi campbell can do blow and still make dough? :P
    p.s. bryan- what no luurve for oprah and chicago?

  3. Ewwwww I cannot believe you said such mean things about Brooklyn!!! I have lived there my whole life and it is NOT dangerous. Contrary to popular belief the whole place does not look like a Notorious B.I.G. video. That’s like, one neighborhood. There’s more crime in Antarctica than there is in my neighbordhood in Brooklyn. Ew ew ew I am so mad.

  4. i’m sure brooklyn is safe and beautiful babe.
    i think i might have been on xanax when i said that.. i got my Bs confused… brooklyn, bergdorf, bronx, bendels.
    beauty begins with the letter b and bryanboy loves brooklyn.

  5. Hahaha not all of it is safe and beautiful, but where I live, it is. LOL. And it’s only 25 mins from Manhattan which in my opinion is the capital of the world. When will you be in NY?

  6. Bryan give us some loving in Morristown, New Jersey!
    Hey, what if H&M offers you a modeling contract to replace Kate? Would you accept it?

  7. I’ve seen that Raf Simmons sneakers at HK’s i.t retail store. It’s actually even cheaper, or I think it was even on sale. I’m eagerly awaiting for the reopening of SevenNY as I love Raf Simmons.

  8. About f’ing time Kate got called by her proper name i.e. a coke snorting waste, i love fashion but i am so fed up with all these so-called images of “perfection” we are fed, floating on the cloud of our gullibility! The truth is, this chick is TRASH, tired of these bitches being all “i’m naturally this way”, thank god the photos only reveal the outside, should they show how she’s doing inside we would all puke.
    And you know it Bryan, the skinniness comes for a price, a sacrifice in food, and to compensate for that: well either you can have a lot of healthy fun, like sex, dancing, working out… or you can go “blow” your brains out and look 40 by the time youre 31… lame ass chick…. hope this exposure teaches her something!
    Doubt it though…

  9. Sydneysider

    Kate already got dropped by Chanel. AND Burberry.
    Her career is on the line, this may very well be IT! *dramatic music*

  10. looks like shes going to loose rimmel too… sucks, i like kate, but i hate her lame assed boyfriend, rock wannabe, get a life looser..
    love you bryan, and this blog kiks ass.. im offically addicted, if your ever in england, give me a shout ;-)

  11. not that my opinion matters but Kate looks like a retard…those eyes sit waaay too far from each other…almost like a chameleon’s…ew.

  12. Like every other model doesn’t snort coke on a daily basis.. she was just stupid enough to get caught.
    Her teeth freak me out :/
    Oh and my friend lives in Manila (she moved there from California because of her dad’s business) and I am SO JEALOUS that you guys have Mango!

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