Paris Calling


I don’t know. I really don’t know what to think anymore.

Did you know that I had an anxiety attack about 3 hours ago?

I had some chest and left shoulder blade pain plus a feeling of "stuffiness" in my throat and my nose. I felt like I was being choked slowly. It went on and off for like an hour.

BTW, I stopped taking Seroxat cold turkey about three weeks ago because I simply can’t be bothered. It’s hard enough to remember that you gotta take one pill a day. I’ve also ran out of Rivotril… and Xanax, as always.

I’ve got no meds left because I haven’t gone to the shrink in AGES!!!!! Gotta ask for another prescription.

Fuck, I even haven’t had a facial in the longest time.

What the fuck is wrong with me these days?

Anyway, I thought I was gonna die earlier. I went to my mom’s room telling her I’m not feeling well and she shrugged me off, instructing me to lie down and relax. She also told me that it’s my fault anyway because I’ve been smoking far too many cigarettes.

The only thing that is comforting me now is the idea of going to either Paris or Russia this winter and then spend New Year’s Eve in Boracay.

Oh well.

I’m the biggest procrastinator ever. If ever I’m going to Paris, I’ll leave earlier than October 10th, probably like October 5… and then stay for a week.

And it’s already September 13.

If I’m not mistaken, the French Embassy needs at least 3 weeks to process a visa.

I don’t think I’m gonna make it by then.

But I do want to go to the friggin LV Store Opening thing!


"I’m 20 21 22 23 years old and I can’t go to the mall."

Sounds familiar? My BFFsaid that whilst washing the dishes at The Simpe Life 1.

In the event that I don’t make it to Paris, feel free to keep these pictures as souvenirs.

It’s the thought that counts.