Louis Vuitton, Decision-Making

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Louis Vuitton

Oh dear. I had serious palpitations earlier.

(image courtesy of LouisVuitton.com, LVMH)


Louis Vuitton will close Paris Fashion Week with a party to publicise its biggest store yet, opening on the Champs-Elysées on 10 October for a select clientele. A hundred "VICs" (very important clients) suspected of spending up to $200,000 a year on the luxury brand have been invited to mingle with celebrities for a preview of the store and the chance to buy limited-edition items. Sharon Stone, Serena Williams and Uma Thurman are expected to attend the event, which will comprise dinner and a visit to Vuitton’s museum in Asniéres. The opening coincides with the launch of Louis Vuitton’s online store. (26 August, 2005)

I won’t divulge anything as of yet… but… is it France or Russia this winter?

a) France: rush to the French Embassy PRONTO to apply for a tourist visa (funny how I talked about the damn visa thing yesterday), go to the travel agent, book business class airline tickets to Paris for only a 1-week stay, try to get a decent hotel suite (because of the fact that it’s fashion week, rooms at the top hotels are scarce), deprive myself of shopping, dining, going out, etc for an ENTIRE MONTH otherwise it would be no serious shopping (other than food, booze and presents) for me in Paris…

– MIGHT be able to go to LV’s hottest ticket this year (take note of the MIGHTY word MIGHT)
– COULD BE a once in a lifetime opportunity. Well, at least for now.
– Uma Thurman. OH. MY. GOD.

– 1-week stay only. my parents are gonna flip out cause it’s only last month that I left.
– can’t go all out on shopping (I shouldn’t have gone to HK!!!!!!!) cause last month’s bills haven’t even arrived yet!
– what’s a trip to Paris without spending big buckeroos at Louis Vuitton. Loulou de la Falaise. Colette. Hermes. Dior. Chanel?
– it would be very sad to come home empty-handed (like that would ever happen, knowing me, but still…)
– winter outfits gone to waste because of warm, tank top + cashmere cardigan, October weather



b) Russia: let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass, sulk for several months but revel in caviar, blinis, vodka, gorgeous Russian eye candy during hardcore winter wonderland because I know the fall/winter outfits that I bought on my recent shopping expedition (including my precious Fendi and Hermes down jacket) won’t go to waste… but I have to wait until Nov 17 to make that happen.

– no rush, no stress
– my hotel is FREE for 12 days in Moscow because I’ve racked up over 140,000 points on my Starwood Preferred Guest account. 10,000 points = 1 free night at the Moscow Sheraton.
– caviar, blinis, vodka
– pure winter wonderland escapade
– I’ll get to see my Russian friends whom I haven’t seen since last year
– I’ll get to use my Dior snow boots, Fendi, my furs, my Hermes down jacket
– my Russian friends can finally teach me snowboarding (I’m REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS)
– I’ll get to visit North Russia where nuclear submarines are at
– very litte shopping (not set in stone cause I’ll be on a 1-day stopover in HK for last minute necessity buying) which leaves me more opportunities for next year, i.e. NYC on either Jan/Feb or Mar.

– MIGHT miss LV’s hottest ticket this year
– COULD ONLY BE a once in a lifetime opportunity. Well, at least for now.
– Uma Thurman. OH. MY. GOD.


As I’ve said, I’m not divulging any more details unless I get my act together.

And before you start bombarding me with messages of temptation of doing BOTH, no, it can’t be both this year.

Some of us have other important things to do, such as stay within the allocated "number of days Bryan is gone away from home" quota.

God I hate decision-making.

My head is spinning. I think I need a tranquilizer of some sort, like, pronto.

I just remembered that I need to lick my parents’ ass so I can move out NEXT MONTH. Enough with procrastinating.

That’s right. I need to work on my plan on how I’m gonna get my familia de horreur AKA parentals to say:

"Yes, Bryan, we won’t have any hard feelings if you move out of the infamous birdcage. Spread your wings dear son and fly. Fly! Fly! Fly to your new pad."


With the Paris option, how am I are they going to cope?

My parentals will go straight to Asian hospital for cardiac arrest if I told them I want to move out in about 2-3 weeks AND go to Paris afterwards.


I’ll update you guys in a couple of hours. I’m 12 hours overdue for an article I’m writing. I need to finish it first before I start doing my cheesemax.

Be sure to visit later.

By the meantime, email me bitches! bryanboy@gmail.com.



  1. Have you considered a trip to the American Midwest? See endless tracts of corn, enjoy the smell of animal processing and bask in the filth of America’s finest river cities. It’s an experience you will never be able to forget!

  2. I’d stick with Russia…there will always be Paris fashion week and fabulous, celebrity ridden parties to attend. Paris rocks, but think of the luxurious accommodations you’ll miss in Russia only to stay in the only dive you can book during fashion week.
    Hope you get the article done soon so you aren’t too late.

  3. Paris! I love Uma. I adore Uma. Your friends will always be there. but Uma? c’mon. :)

  4. Paris — it’s a once in a lifetime event. Knowing what I’ve read about you from this blog, you’ll find a way to finagle your way into the Dior event and hook up top accommodations, even if it means having to suck dick to do it (J/K…well, again from what I’ve observed, maybe not). Don’t worry about your winter gear going to waste; you’ll always find an excuse to wear it. I live in sunny tropical Florida and I’m already wearing my fur coats, cause hell, I paid enough and I look damn sexy. Russia will always be there.

  5. Confessions of a Thin Gay Drama Queer

    You better go to Paris bitch or else Uma Thurman will kill you. Kill Bill 3! La vie en Rose…

  6. Confessions of a Thin Gay Drama Queer

    Paris Paris Paris! Hilton Hotel Paris === Price: EUR 580 – 680 per night yes!

  7. Nice.. go to paris. my mom went. i’m planning to visit there like….. soon. haha. too bad im in college now. :D
    louis vuitton = hot

  8. exactly…fuck russia! the guys in russia are hotter there than in paris! i love the pics of the guys you met. i would go there in a heartbeat bri. your activities in russia will be more multidimensional…not just spending money and being fabulous. can i come! :)

  9. Madam, just go to NYC or Budapest if you decide to head to Europe. Its nice to go to eastern part. I’ll be more than willing to hang with you there. Its quite boring there these days and I just got back from Paris.

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