Lovin Louis Vuitton, Klux Klux Kelly

Written By bryanboy

Lovin Louis Vuitton

Yesterday was productive.

MoonfestivalFuck the 2 hour drive from my house to the Lous Vuitton store. Rain or… rain, I was determined to go northbound. Had I left the house early in the morning (ike 2AM), it should take no more than 22 minutes and 18 seconds.

Believe it or not, I went out of the store empty-handed.

My ski bonnet (I’m totally excited about my snowboarding lessons… I’ve never done it before) and my nutria fur gloves arrived at the store but I can’t purchase them till tomorrow.

Ok, not quite the empty handed bitch cause I did get my Moon Festival Louis Vuitton invite.

I think I made the right decision to pick Russia versus France.

I need to call Chanel in Paris or New York to see whether or not they still have snowboards that they can send me by FedEx. I know they made snowboards at one point. Heck, I know Dior made Rasta snowboards last year.

Klux Klux Kelly


My oh my. I took Kelly out for the first time yesterday and boy it was a blast.

I think I had more fun than Kelly though. She was rather anti-social yesterday because I removed her Hermes ribbon neckpiece before we left home.

But the bitch ends up being gangbanged anyway.

You know what they say sweethearts

It’s the good girls that get pregnant first.

I’m at a loss on what to say – let’s play pictionary instead.











God my arms have never been so enormous. It’s at the stage where it’s getting absolutely ridiculous. As soon as it hits October on the calendar, I’m scheduling myself weekly lipodissolve sessions. I need my Paris Hilton arms back!!!! No more excessive flesh.

Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against curves, flab, etc. on other people.

It’s just that I want my Paris Hilton arms BACK!!!!!

Not that I’ve ever had them in the first place.


Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from Christchurch, New Zealand, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Wilmington, Delaware and Amsterdam, Holland. Bryanboy loves y’all!

#2 – I also love Larae from Texas who browsed my site for several hours. S/he sent me a text at 6AM her time and it seems she can’t get enough. Hello there sweetheart! :)

#3 – Calling the attention of the MAC Cosmetics in the Philippines. When are you going to have MAC Clear Lip Glass? It’s out of stock at every MAC counter in this city… and it’s been 4 months since I first inquired. You lot still don’t have it until this day. My god, do I need to fly somewhere else just to get 5 tubes of cheapo but primo lip gloss?

#4 – It’s a known fact that there will always be a sad crying bitch whenever it comes to threesomes. Unless, of course, you take one up the ass while you give the other a blowjob. But yesterday’s threesome fiesta made half of the golden "discreet indiscretion" couple standing there, doing nothing. Maybe she was a voyeur? Who knows.

#5 – Little Miss Fancy Pants likes boys. I know it’s sad, considering the lesbian population in this country is dwindling. Despite all the rumors that she’s a lesbian… and despite the fact that she toys around with cracks and crevices in public, she has a straight lover of a man worthy of the International Male Catalog Award 2005. Oops, that didn’t come from me, I just heard it from the grapevine.

$6 – Belated Happy Birthday to Mickey L. Sorry for not making it to the party at Absinth!!!

You know where to contact me as always: bryanboy@gmail.com or +63-915-785-1492.



  1. diane gonzalez

    bryanboy,i relish the time that we could go shoppin together.im keen to meet ya …. im a DIOR addict as well !!!!
    ya certainly can make those queer fashionista wannabe turn green wid envy !!
    bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. diane gonzalez

    ey mate,im actually an 18 yr old lass from cebu city and i really love ur genre! ur extremely fantabulous!
    r ya by anychance lookin for a shoppin mate or a gorgeous female minder???………seriously, im keen to apply !!!

  3. HAHA! The bouncers have the greatest looks on their faces!
    I think you are exaggerating the deal with your arms, but whatever make you happy, do it.

  4. hoy pundata prince what is JACQUES BRANELLEC DOING ON YOUR BLOG? i went to high school with him and ooh, i have gossip.
    i was asleep when you called! call again, i tried going to this party here but kids were playing the bongos so i left.

  5. omg it’s jacques branellec. i also went to highschool with him. dont listen to hannah’s gossip!!! also thats the first time i’ve seen that bouncer smile.

  6. Mickey Limjoco

    Bryan! Im finally here in your blog! Haha! Ever so controversial! Thanks for the greet!!! See you soon! =)

  7. hi there… i just bought a tube of MAC Clear Lip Glass at the MAC in Glorietta… just thought i’d let you know it was in-stock. love your blog! wish i knew people like you personally. sadly (ey, nag-kuento daw!) one of the gays i knew in college would answer his phones with a deep voice when he’s at home (because he didn’t want his parents to know he’s gay… hopefully by now they know!!!)

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