Go Go Goyard! Cap-e-tal Sin, We're the Kids in America

Written By bryanboy

Go Go Go Goyard!

I know y’all missed me. I’ll cut through the chaff and crash straight to certified, grade-AAAA Bryanboy Bragging Bonanza.

Trust me, they didn’t call the "dark ages" dark for nothing.

You see, like any self-respecting fashionvictimlabelwhorehomoerectuslabellusaddictus, yes, oh fucking yes, I did, at one point, carried the infamous black Prada nylon backpack. And yes, I even had the Loueey Vee version.

Times have changed, let there be light!

Blah blah bullshit.

All it took was a late night escapade to Harvey Nichols Hongky Tongk, some Engrish-speaking woman blaring "the store will close in 15 minutes, however, the fourth floor bar and restaurant will remain open till midnight" throughout the store’s sound system and 3 minutes to pose in front of the mirror whether or not the orange or the green suits my skin tone.

Meet my latest Goyard "acquisition". Everyone loves Goyard.

Well, I know I do.

I don’t know about you.

There is no other way to express your love for logo-a-gogo unless you’re carrying a Goyard.

This is the pinnacle, the apex, the apogee, the crest, the height, the meridian, the peak, the summit and the zenith of logo-a-gogo chic.

(See, I know how to fucking use the thesaurus you fuckin bitches.)



It’s the greatest bag ever… larger than a Louis Vuitton Speedy, smaller than a Keepall!

I’m telling you, had I spent longer than 10 minutes at Goyard, I would’ve declared myself bankrupt by now.

Those bright-coloured hardcore trunks can easily put most of my (often my mis-matched luggage of mine to shame.



Notice to the public: the blue suitcase/trunk is NOT a Prada. It’s a hand-made piece by Globe-Trotter, purveyors of fine luggage since 1897. Click here to read an online article about them.

Cap-e-tal Sin

Welcome to Cape Town, capital city of The Zara-rah Republic!

I’ve never had so much unfashionable fashion fun in my entire life.

You see, I’m not really a Zara fan. I saw a ton of Zara stores in the London back in my hey day and the only people that I see go inside their stores are mid-30s, not-so-young-but-still-have-that-yuppy-mentality women who have outgrown TopShop.

Since that damn gorgeous bitch with genes not even Bill and Melinda Gates can buy (who I really really love) started popping up on their ad campaigns, I changed my mind towards them and thought, hey, their stuff aren’t bad at all.


Jenni and moi spent around 30 minutes in Zara and boy oh boy I fell in love with a ton of their stuff. They have the chicest black coats ever, tons and tons and tons and tons of black jackets, colourful "house clothes/doomed for domestication" cotton hoodies with sequins and appliques.


I wanted to buy many, many, many pieces. Heck, I could’ve bought my entire fall/winter wardrobe right then and there.

The only thing that stopped me from doing so is the prevailing inner fashion victim "mother-knows-best" type of voice that told me "do you realy want your pretentious self seen by the staff at the Valentino boutique nearby, carrying shopping bags with the word Zara on them?"

I say screw what people think. I bought a black cape and an olive green hoodie. They’re fucking cheap-oh as in cheap-oh-my-god. You can probably buy a hundred or so of their coats at the same price of a J. Mendel fur shawl.

Imagine how mortified I was when I tried the cape where we stayed at.

I wore my Linda Farrow Gallery sunglasses and my Vivienne Westwood hat for some theatrical effect and presto – I look like a damn lampshade.



That little moment was priceless. It was history in the making.

Ok, maybe not.

Probably one of those "when good things happen to bad people" (or vice versa) moments.

It was soo funny that we were literally rolling like bitches in heat dogs on the floor, laughing our fat asses off.

Nevertheless, I LOVE Zara. They’re just like Mango – Zara is my new best friend.

I can’t wait for the Zara store to open here. They better have those nice black ex-Gucci-esque coats.

And no, there’s no lesson to be learned here. I’m THE perfect customer. I DO NOT TRY THINGS ON at the STORE. I just buy em. The dressing room is my worst enemy. It’s like having a CT-scan/MRI scan except you can see yourself get defrauded by lighting and mirror magic.

We’re the Kids in America

Looking out a dirty old window, down below the cars in the city go rushing by… I sit here alone and I wonder why.

I came across this treasure chest of stimulating imagery while searching on google.

Friday night and everyone’s moving, I can feel the heat but it’s shooting heading down… I search for the beat in this dirty town.

I guess this is how people MY AGE do "it" in certain parts of the world.

Very intriguing.

Very stimulating.

Very inspiring.

Come on now everyone… sing with me!

Down town the young ones are going, down town the young ones are growing… we’re the kids in America… we’re the kids in America… everybody live for the music-go-round!!!!!!!!!








and don’t forget…


Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves peope from Leeds, UK, Ridgewood, NY, Bridgeport, CT, Fairport, NY, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Alameda, CA, Beijing, China, Wallacia, NSW, Australia, Longjumeau, France and of course, Woodstock, GA. Bryanboy loves y’all – Identify yourselves bitches and say hi!

#2 – Thank you so much Jenni for the Fauchon chocolates. You really know the shortcut to a sheorhe-male’s heart.

#3 – Kelly is horny again!!!!!! See my best friend get 69’ed – for the first time.


#4 – All of the pictures that you see on today’s post are the only pictures on my camera. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to camwhore the entire weekend. More pictures will follow though… all I’m asking for is a little patience.


#5 – Bryanboy’s in da house… house of wax, that is, not house of Chanel.



God I need a haircut… and a facial.

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  1. “Why didn’t you tell me you were having a mixed race baby? They’re the CHANEL of babies, darling…”
    Are you doing that deliberately, or is it odd coincidence?

  2. A Kid In America

    I LOVE the “Separated At Birth” photo! Maybe a new career as a model for Pottery Barn?!? :) I know your photos are always kind of “tongue-in-cheek,” but it was fantastic to see a funny, lighter side of you. Keep ‘um coming!

  3. Tim is hot… I so like his oriental features. If only I could run my fingers through his face…

  4. We’re not all like that, honestly. On the west coast, anyway. Anyway. I find you strangely a turn-on. Are there more like you?

  5. The more I read, the more I’m hooked onto bryanboy.com. I’m loving the bag and the comparison to the lampshade…Damn, you look HAWT! And no, you’re not fat. ;)

  6. Hi! Do you love people from Daegu, South Korea? Well, ppl from Daegu definitely love yewwww!! Yer ridiculous and hawt and funny and your lampshade twin is ridiculous and hawt and funny too. I spent like a day reading all your back-entries. ><

  7. Pia Magalona

    Congratulations on your new Goyard! I hope you one day can get a trunk so you can have your coat-of-arms custom-printed/hand-painted onto it, as it says on the site!
    Love ya,
    P>S> I so love the lampshade comparison, you are so my brand of humor! Keep on truckin’!

  8. Belle Lettrist

    Hmm you finally got the Dior Homme “the end” t-shirt…
    I LOVE it ^^ absolutely.

  9. Rockin the DH, nice! I wouldn’t have figured it to be your style though, considering DH is becoming more and more rocker-chic. I prefer the old school pieces from Hedi (Luster and Strip… hell yes)
    Enjoying the posts immensely though. Keep it up!

  10. **Where are the Young American party pictures from?? I’ve been reading this site for a long time and one of the guys in the photo took me to a concert in my hometown 8-9 years ago.
    Strange coincidences…Bryanboy is becoming increasingly universal.

  11. gahhh.. im only from leeds, and i luuve you.. your so fucking hawt, i think my nana has that lamp.. zara’s like “fuck-me” cheap.. loves it..

  12. Ewwwwww, those college boys are gross. Bryanboy, you need to go on a campaign all across US college campuses to give the boys a lesson on how to dress themselves properly…

  13. nice blog… and i like the pics of tim yap with you. I find him cute..hehehheheheh

  14. Oh dear Goddess, that couch is *nearly* as fabulous as you are, cher! I’ve been reading you for a few months now, finally popping the comment cherry.
    Ciao ciao!

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