Fleece, Flesh, Fluxxe, Random Cheesemax Galore

Written By bryanboy

Fleece, Flesh, Fluxxe

First things first – what was I thinking when i wore my Marc by Marc Jacobs fleece top when I went out Saturday night? I should’ve known better that rainy days in this third world prostitution den of a city that I live in does not translate justification to wear fleece, even if it’s Marc by Marc Jacobs. I didn’t put the effort to dress up because I’m still suffering post-travelling traumatic stress.

Ianne, Tina and moi went to M Cafe for long overdue drinks (and dinner. sort of. I had 12 baked oysters, foie gras, and prawn + green mango salad). Apres M, we went to Fluxxe at Manila DJ Club. That’s right… Gian and the Thursday Fluxxe crew threw a "one big fluxxe" party last Saturday, a change from their usual Thursday sked.




I have to cut back on binge eating. For the past 2-3 months I’ve been supersizing myself. The effects are now showing up on my body… all that excess flesh are now gathering dust on my arms and my stomach. It’s hideous. Utterly hideous. I think it’s time to get a couple of rounds of lipoddisolve shots to, once more, attempt to achieve Paris Hilton’s arms. I think I’ll wait till late October, before I go to Moscow on November.

I guess I have to make do with what I have – for now.

I need to learn how to love my body.

That’s right. I need to love my body.

Love my body.

Love my body.

Love my body.

Love my body.

Buy someone to love my body.

Love my body.

Love my body.

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

Cosmobash #1 – Bryanboy loves people from Alexandria, VA, Cologne, Germany, East Alton, IL and Pandora, OH.

#2 – The angels must have been listening to me. I have gotten hold of this week’s hottest ticket, thanks to one of my friends. Eat your hearts and vaginas out bitches because my lucky cunt got a VIP Ticket to Cosmo Magazine’s Annual Bachelor Bash. If you only knew how hard it was for HIM to get one of these tickets… imagine going in competition with a ton of cock-hungry and man meat-deprived Filipino women and she-males. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Benefactor you. *big hugs*

It’s gonna be one party with a ton of fit Filipino lads wearing nothing but teeny pieces of cloth. Most of these are probably Asians with 4 or 5-inch cocks. The sad thing is, a 9 or 10-inch dick is pretty much unheard of especially here in chinky chinky gooky gooky land. Who the hell cares though – it’s not often you pack a ton of fit guys inside one room.

The only thing I need at this point is an outfit. If any of you are going to the bash, hope to see you on Thursday night. And don’t forget to say hi!

#3 – I finally found the time to post upload all my Hongky Tongk photos online. Click here to view the photo album.



  1. At the time of this comment, there is a banner ad for bagborroworsteal.com right above your page, Bryan. At last, we know your secret! LOL

  2. i’m the one who put the banner on there so that some of my fans can have cool bags ;)
    besides, i get commission if they sign up for the service. hahahha
    i haven’t tried them yet and i took a look at their bags and most of them are last season.

  3. I know, most of their bags are kinda last season, that’s why I was just teasing you. Anyway, hope you make lots of commission so that you can continue to bedazzle us with *your* fabulous bags! :)

  4. honest person

    You are such an annoying, pathetic liar. If you actually mattered to anyone you would be out in the world actually doing things rather than spending your life posting in an idiotic blog to your 5 dumbass followers. Keep making stuff up because we all know you’re full of shit.

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