Excess, Excess, Excess

Written By bryanboy

Excess, Excess, Excess

I’m at a loss of what to say right now so I’ll let the following pictures show you the kind of fun I had in Hong Kong. I’ll post all the photos we took in a photo album later tonight. I haven’t even unpacked my suitcases! Oi!












  1. Work those cowboy boots, girl. And that Birkin bag. And that chicken!!
    New fan here. I have to tell you how much j’adore your site…I haven’t gotten a thing done in the last couple of days because I feel compelled to come catch up on all your previous entries. You’ve even inspired me to go on a little eluxury.com binge myself and pick up a couple of new Dior bags.
    Keep doing your thaang!

  2. OMG! Is that a rubber chicken? I love rubber chickens! Rubber chickens rule! Okay, I do realize I sound like a fool but they’re so perfect hitting pathetic idiots in the head with…

  3. Hey BB…Did you stay at Regent Hong Kong? I could swear I saw you, but I was with ‘someone cute’, and dint want to take my eyes off him for too long!!!
    You look good!!! Yum, Yum!!!

  4. bryan the Hermés and Rubber chicken combo is pure genius. I love a comedy accessory. All my life I’ve been dreaming of a Chanel Camellia that doubled as a clown’s squirty water pistol.

  5. OMG, so sexy even more so than usual, looks like your shopping holiday did you good. Absolutely fabulous hat.

  6. hey bryanboy just wanted to ask if you have the mp3 for that Dior – Spring Summer 2005 clip? I’m IN LOVE with that version of Barbie Girl! thanks

  7. hey .. just wondering where you got your “hey ho lets go” shirt … its soooo cute. lovin your journal from toronto, canada.

  8. Bryan,
    I am so incredibly jealous. You inspire envy mixed with adoration! You’re a gorgeous bitch with bags and bags full of orgasmic retail. If you’re ever in Miami or Dallas, hit me up! Love you much. Ciao bebe

  9. omgz! you have no idea how insanely jealous i am of you!, i want those doir sunglasses so bad! they’re hot! you’d be an awesome shopping buddy!

  10. woah what a haul! and i thought i was excessive. you make me feel less guilty about my own spending habits – especially my penchant for Louis Vuitton. congratulations on your Birkin acquisition. though the 2-year waitlist only actually applies to those who special-ordered a bag from them, some simply settle fro what’s available – or rejected – but it’s still a stroke of luck to have one available and in a colour/leather you like. it must be fate. enjoy!

  11. damn! i missed you when you were in Hong Kong.. i came back awhile for vacation and family too. booooo!!

  12. I almost bought those Dior sunglasses at the Dior store in Orlando. Hehe. By the way, I think a black Birkin would have been more fabulous…but who gives a fuck?! You got a fucking Birkin!

  13. i'm shocked

    you do not shave your legs??????? wait just an f-ing second, you do not shave your legs??
    tell me those are just stubbles, bad lighting, bad exposure, photoshop gone bad on your legs. gahhhh!

  14. honey, the white gloves don’t work unless they FIT properly. Otherwise you look like a cheap 1-hour photo lab or food-service employee.

  15. Love your Diors darl! What are they, Dior Ski 5’s? *shrugs* I don’t know much about fashion but I do know hot when I see it.. and that’s you babe!
    Hey Bryan, when are you going to make your mark on Hollywood? Perhaps you could teach those ‘A-List’ whores a thing or two about dress sense.. With that boho bs they got going over there God knows they need it.

  16. hi. found your site by accident. pretty funny place i must say. just wondering how’d you be like if you were straight.

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