Drunk and Ugh!!!!

Written By bryanboy

Drunk and Ughh!!!

8:03AM here and I’ve been home for the past hour and a half.

Tons of stories to tell but I’ll update when I get up later in the afternoon.

Quick Synopsis: Went to Cuisine, followed by Bob’s birthday party w/ Rajo L, then Hed Kandi.

God I’m sooo drunk and off my head.

Ignore all that excess flesh and flab that you see. Tank top by Jean Paul Gaultier, sunglasses, handbag and necklace by Chanel, necklace by Valentino, denim jeans by Gucci, shoes by Yves Saint Laurent.

and yes, I took public transport earlier today…. a cab!!!!!!!!!

I love you all!!



Updates later.



  1. Intervention Requested

    For the love of Jimmy Choo & all things Prada, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, stop making constant updates! You’re killing me! I am now checking your site at least 3x a day and I’ve got things to do! ;)
    Ps, I *heart* Rob, the Stalker

  2. ` theBITCH.

    you’re so FCUKING lucky you rich kient.. boy you you dont need nethang to change the way you are.. we <3 you just the way you are.. stay sxc dahling.. mwah**

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