Written By bryanboy


Fucking 6:10AM here.

I’m at a loss of words. Can’t function straight.

But a promise is a promise.

Booze or not, let’s play pictionary. Text to follow tomorrow.

I need to sleep.

Nevertheless, I love YOU ALL.

Especially Pepper Teeheknowswhoheis. And Rajo L., whom I never got to spend quality time to talk… but there’s always a next time I’m sure.

CRL – One phrase: THANK you.

Now back to pictionary…









  1. hey Bryan, what do you do for a living? you sure live the rich life. I wish I could go shopping all the time and go to fashion shows and stuff.

  2. JP Santos

    Hey Bryan! Your site rocks man. haha…keep shoppin it up alright? Say hi to Tina D. for me! Hey, come visit Orange County when you can. I’ll see you soon…….

  3. I am the runway bitch

    gawd, Tim Yap’s hair colour (blonde) is horrible LOL he looks eeeky nowadays. A chinky-eyed fag goes blonde. Totally wrong bitch.

  4. I just don’t want to lie. Frankly, hindi bagay. Could you at least tone down and help lessen the so many social climbers in the world right now?

  5. joe petito

    Wat the fuck!!! Is that Jeni Epperson? She use to be a sales girl in linea uomo early nineties. Rides the bus daily to laguna or some place south of manila. If she’s not home she would shack up with her boss Freddie and get fucked in the ass. What a social climber. Buti na lang wala na sya tv show.

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