Cry Me A Mississippi River, Rocky Rocked my Rock-hard Heart, Meet Kelly

Written By bryanboy

Cry Me a Mississippi River

Oh thank god. It’s nice to be back, in my room, with nothing but black boxers, a cigarette on my left hand… and  smug look on my face.

That’s right — I’m back in the good ol comforts of my parents’ pig pen, humongous blue Globetrotter suitcase full of materialistic and orgasmic pleasure, shopping guilt and priceless memories.

I even came to the point where I called the airline to extend my stay in Hong Kong till Saturday because Tina, my gal pal, wanted to go back home today.


But reality sinked in and my heart (which means my wallet, my parents, my life…*kidding*) is nagging that I should just go back.

So off I went to the airport with her, went straight to the business class counter and used my charm to get away with the excess baggage —  I had 45 kilos with me — oh yes — for free.

All I can say is that I wish I didn’t come home yesterday and extended my stay.

I miss Hong Kong… and shopping.

Rocky Rocked Our Rock-hard Hearts

I take back about everything I have said about male models.

Ok — maybe not.

On Sunday afternoon, post designer shopping madness, Tina and moi were doing a quick run down of the shops (hah) at Ocean Terminal in Hong Kong. We were kinda having a fight near the doors because I wanted to eat and/or go out for a cigarette but she wanted to go back to the hotel and take a shower.

Then comes this tall, bald looking (ok. not bald, but very short hair) guy walking up the stairs.


"Tina, look at that bald cutie. Oh my god!"

Tina D suddenly went to a frenzy and said "I know that guy! and he’s Filipino"

Then she went up to him and they apparently know each other. With my gal pal being well, motor mouth Miss Congeniality Tina D, she introduced him to me and me to him and invited Rocky to hang with us. Rocky wasn’t doing anything that day and was just roaming around.

With him being 6’2, he became our mascot-slash-bodyguard. Oh yes.

He tagged along with us, shopping and dining around Hong Kong. I’m telling you, his face/body is plastered in quite a few bilboards around that city, not to mention Singapore and Bangkok. He really is such a nice guy.

In fact, despite me being surrounded by people who work in fashion and not working in the fashion industry (contrary to what people think), he is one of the most down-to-earth, humble, hardworking people I have ever met.

He distances himself from other male models especially on shows cause all they talk is gym and boring/pretentious stuff… and he doesn’t like it when everyone speaks English — in the Philippines.


He even deprives himself of things, saves all of his money from campaigns, shows, etc, even to the point of just living on the US$15 a day personal budget (although if he WANTED to spend spend spend, he can do it easily) – just so he can give everything he earned to his family. Come to think of it, he recently bought a 600-square meter land in the province for his mom. Can any Filipino male model do that? I don’t think so.

On our last day in Hong Kong, Rocky and moi spent over 7 hours straight, non-stop, talking about everything under the sun – from 4AM until 11AM, without any sleep whatsoever. Even Tina couldn’t resist chiming in when she got up.

I’m not gonna go into detail on what we talked about but trust me, it made me feel guilty about shopping that day.


I saw something in Rocky I haven’t ever seen in my life – an older brother. I wish him all the best (because he deserves it all) and I hope to see him again.

Meet My New Best Friend, Kelly

Kelly and Me on Nathan Road

Tina, Rocky and I found Kelly, the Rubber Chicken, on the streets of Granville Road. I love her! Everyone in Hong Kong loves her! I used my Birkin bag everyday and put Kelly inside it and trust me – I got more attention from people because of Kelly, instead of my Birkin.

Kelly and Me Inside the Dior Store in Lee Gardens where I Bought My Dior Bag

Kelly and a Jean Paul Gaultier Store Sales Associate

It’s nice to make (and see) people smile because of a rubber chicken. Chinese people, particularly the ones in Hong Kong, are generally cold and don’t have a sense of humor. However, with Kelly’s head and neck popping out of my Birkin bag and flops as I walk the streets as if it’s one huge runway during fashion week, people smile, point, and even ask me whether or not they can touch the chicken. 


Even police officers, immigration people and customs people LOVES Kelly. The smile, laughter and happiness that Kelly gives to people is priceless.

And of course, Kelly never flies economy on international flights or flights longer than 1 hour. It’s always business class or first for her.


More updates in a bit, including my EXCESS, EXCESS, EXCESS photos.

I love you all!



  1. Hi Bryan,
    It’s nice to see that you’re touched by Rocky’s story and his feelings toward money and family support. You know, for those out there who think you do not have a heart or doesn’t understand reality, that proves/shows that they are wrong.
    I love your blog. Take care.

  2. Hi Bryan,
    It’s nice to see that you’re touched by Rocky’s story and his feelings toward money and family support. You know, for those out there who think you do not have a heart or don’t understand reality, that proves/shows that they are wrong.
    I love your blog. Take care.

  3. Delilah Valentine

    That guy is fucking sexy! I didn’t read all of your blog, since I’ve been busy like whoa lately, but does he swing our way. HAHA!!!

  4. I love your blog! Shopping in HK is simply the best.
    By the way, Rocky is HAWT! Does he have an email address or better yet… a phone number?

  5. hearts*bryanboy

    Oh Bryanboy..I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE you to no end. And Kelly’s adorable, move over tinkerbelle! My daily routine includes a visit to your site twice (plus 4) times. You complete my life. Your site is juicier than celebrity gossip. Keep up the updates!

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