BYOC: Bring Your Own Crap, Hello to Vogue Australia People

Written By bryanboy


I’ve got 6 hours to go before I leave the house.

I’m jetting off to a place where being a label whore is de rigueur.

Look, I’m only fucking 16 years old. I’m allowed to wear bright colors, to display all my labels loud and proud.

I’m not a high almighty card-carrying member of the dead poets society. I’l save the Comme de Garcons, the Costume Nationals, the this and that when I turn friggin 45.

Seriously, no offense whatsoever but I’ll save the blacks, the whites, the neutrals, the tailoring and all that fashion hoola baloo to the intellectual fashionistas.

I’d rather celebrate my youth by being a full-blown label whore. The Dior, the Chanel, the Hermes, the Yves Saint Laurent, anything that has a label on it.

Heck, I evem got a silk bolero jacket from Hermes with the Hermes ribbon printed on it. Fabulous. Very bling bling.

Besides, discretion is for someone who is friggin old, wrinkled, botoxed, etc. In other words, anyone over 30 and above.

Of course they need friggin discretion. What would people think if they’re still a damn logo-a-gogo carrying senior citizen?

Anyway, I’m just enjoying it now because I’m young, I’m restless and I’m fucking carefree.

I am the epitome of consumerism. Without me, capitalism won’t exist.

I j’adore it when people look at me as if I’m a fucking walking billboard advertisement.

Make my fellow youth envious… jealous.

I’m sure, one day, when I hit 75, the only thing that will save my life is Zoran, Oscar de la Renta, a wheelchair, an oxygen tank and formaldedye.

Here’s suitcase number #1 (Globetrotter). Underneath all those clothes are dozens upon dozens of handbags and accessories.


I love Globetrotter. I think I’m definitely going collect more Globetrotter pieces. I first heard of them earlier this year from American Express Departures magazine. I LOVE them.


Here’s suitcase number #2 (Prada). Clothes, cosmetics, toiletries and sundries.



This suitcase contains clothes… a ton of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gaultier, Neil Barrett, my oh-so-loyal LL. Bean toilety kit with my Obagi stuff, YSL and Dior sunglasses, Chanel box with goodies inside, etc

I hate it when my maid packs my stuff cause I want to oversee what is being packed etc. I’m a firm believer of overpacking… I like it whenever I have selection whenever I’m travelling… excess, excess, excess!

All this effort for a mere 2 day trip. I should be back on Monday early evening.

Kangaroo Vogue

Big shout out too the Kangaroo Vogue forums. Bryanboy loves you all, and I’m honored to be the topic du jour of all the beautiful kangaroos on the discussion forums.


Who knew there’s a Vogue down where the underworld lives? I mean, I know there’s American Vogue, British Vogue (my favourite), Italian Vogue, French Vogue (Gotta love Carine).


Mcmahon_narrowweb__200x408_1As a closing note, my god, you Australian people have a really scary scary socialites ex-Prime Minister’s wife. What on earth was she holding?

"The titans of the luxury business have a message for Sydney socialites such as Lady Sonia McMahon, who was recently photographed at a social function carrying a fake Hermes Birkin bag: that steal could cost you more than the real thing.

Should Lady Sonia ever take her fake Birkin to France, whose intellectual property laws are rigorously enforced , Australia’s former first lady could find herself detained at the airport, taken to the police station and fined thousands of dollars. Anyone who is considered part of a larger operation could go to jail."

Click here to read more.

Since I’m a label whore and I’m a certified AAAA fashion victim, the best thing about carrying a genuine Hermes Birkin bag is NOT the bag itself but the fucking bragging rights AND the envy that comes along with it.



I’ll update when I get back. You know where to contact me = +63-917-785-1492 or



  1. Ughhh!! Whoever carries a fake Birkin (or any other ripoff label) SHOULD be arrested. Not only because it is extremely tacky and vulgar, but because it IS theft of creative and intellectual property. It is all about bragging rights! Label whores get it, but the simple people, who figure, “What’s the difference? It looks almost the same” don’t. If you can’t afford a $7000 Birkin bag, no one will judge you or think less of you because of it…just go buy something genuine in your price range from JCPenney or something. Do NOT by any means get caught a fake bag, or you’ll be made a fool like this biatch. I’m sure that she could have afforded a real one too, it just shows that she has no taste.

  2. Hey Bryanboy. Im jace from Singapore and i have been following ur blog… ever since i known abt it. I told all my girlfriends abt ur blog and they r soo addicted to it. But pardon my rude-ness… im just wondering, and since u mention… U r only fucking 16 years old?!

  3. hiya from Australian vogue, just wanted to tell you that I love your luxury label whoredom.
    Damnit, do you rob banks or blackmail a millionaire parent to afford all of these?
    btw, in case if you don’t know, Lady Sonia McMahon is none other than Julian McMahon’s (Nip/Tuck) mummy.

  4. oh? no wonder lady sonia is carrying an evil Birkin replica…her son is “The Source” (of all evil) after all…hello, Charmed!?

  5. It’s just “j’adore” not “I j’adore.” the french word “je” means “I” so, what you are saying is “I I adore.” totally redundant and makes you look totally like a dumbass trying to be sophisticated with your bad french. It just makes you look dumb.

  6. Haha Atania, you look like an anal rententive whore for correcting him. Well done! *golf claps*

  7. you are such a flaming fabulous wench!
    I’ve been meaning to comment for some time but I am a lazy hooch.
    I’m chi and you’re outrageous!

  8. oreoserious

    atanias just takin it out on bryanboy for her financial incapability of buying the same stuff..oh well what the hell is new!? ;)

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