But **you've** got the love I need to see me through.

Written By bryanboy

You Got the Love

Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air. I know I can count on you. Sometimes I feel like saying "lord I just don’t care", but you’ve got the love I need to see me through.

It’s 7:50AM and I’m off to bed after this post. I’m gonna clean up and crop my blog to a reasonable length as soon as I’ve risen from my rivotril-induced coffin beauty sleep. The entire page is just far too long and I think it’s high time for me to just create some sort of a "Classic Bryanboy" drop-down thing with some of my Academy Award-winning posts.

Here’s my final abuse to those of you on dialup and homoerectus-era internet connections: I am proud to present you the boys who have a special place in my heart.

Yeah yeah. Whatever.

Fall in line bitches. One at a time. If you want to go technical I can only manage three at a time. Ok, maybe four because I have 2 hands.

Especially Alex. Oh yes, Alex. I love you too.


D as in D, there’s still that "Erin O’Connor" thing ever since I first saw you.










Time after time I say oh lord what’s the use, time after time I say this just won’t do. But sooner or later in life the things you love you’ll lose… just like before I know I call on you.

Send me pictures of love, love and even more love. Bombard my email account: bryanboy@gmail.com. Genuine, true and unconditional love only please – NO photoshop.

Goodnight! Good morning.



  1. Delilah Valentine

    I really have to get you one of those. and FUCK YOU for not returning my email. It’s okay though, cause I really don’t need an eye cream. I mean I have some fine lines, but they are really normal. I’m just such a fucking OCD freak and have slight issues with BDD. Anyway, you better be living the rest of your summer up biotch, because you don’t know it, but I haven’t done dick this whole summer, because of school shit. So live it up for both of us. But don’t be too big of a slut.

  2. Jealousy! The one with the love all over his hand, thats the one for me, but of course the bitey on the right (of the sign being held with teeth pic) isn’t bad either and Grant was cute as usual.

  3. Arnault

    Posting nearly nude pics is, if not vain, a rather disgusting self-degrading ploy to earn yourself a shag or for that matter, a “possible” boyfriend. Vulgarity is the new discreet should be Vanity will never win you a boyfriend. I pity your money, or wherever it comes from. Fortunately for you, you’ve made people laugh at your alomst-witty-shallow remarks. Including me. You are post-comedic, at the very least. You know this is possibly the lowest you’ve got, bien sur.

  4. oh i wish i was so lucky to get a geek to write he loves me on a bit of paper, not and u luk like a girl, a ugly 1 at tht

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