Rain or Rain, Saguijo, Granddad

Written By bryanboy

Rain or Shine Rain

The typhoon, rain and all, being stuck in traffic for 2 hours inside the car from 2:38PM – 4:52PM, didn’t stop me from going out yesterday afternoon. I was utterly bored inside the house to the point where I’m just fucking desperate.

I have a love-hate relationship with rain. I love it because in some ways, it acts like a temporary pain reliever to the 34-degree celsius heat we people in the tropics have. I hate it because it’s, well, rain. Wet clothes, wet shoes, water droplets falling from the sky, wet everything.

Thank god someone rescued me from boredom and sent me a text message. An hour or so later, I dressed up, got into the car and went to a mall. I spent some time in a coffee shop discussing a possible project with a director before I met up with my gal pal Tina Daniac.


Then we had some oysters (yum) and looked around for stuff. Tina’s just moved to a new, bigger house and she was looking for some household chu-chu crap: we went to a Home Depot-like store called True Value.

I ended up buying a new optical mouse for my PC at an electronics shop because my wireless one had failed me – again. We stayed at the mall until 9PM or so before going to her new house.


Saguijo, M Cafe

After Tina’s, we went to this place called "Saguijo". I’ve heard of this place a TON of times in the past. I’ve always wanted to check it out because some of the people I know go there… but then again, some of my friends have been THERE and they didn’t like the crowd.

Anyway, it’s this apartment-like thing where there’s a non-smoking bar, a patio where people can smoke, a store called "I Love You" and a little exhibit room. Most of the crowd’s a bit on the indie/alternative/grungie bungie side so it’s definitely something different. A band called "Drip" (whom I don’t really know/haven’t heard of) was supposed to be playing there last night. Someone even gave me a flyer for an event called "Rockestra": perhaps you can make your own conclusions from there.

It’s funny cause Tina and I went there just to take a look at the store (being the shopaholics that we are) but we didn’t expect to see Tesa (who, btw, just *ugh* so pretty) and Carlos Celdran the moment we got there. Said our HIs and Hellos and chatted a little. Check out http://www.celdrantours.blogspot.com.

Saguijo’s alright. Perhaps not my usual scene but it’s refreshing to go to different places from time to time.

Tina and moi went to a nearby ATM machine and to Makati Medical Hospital to buy Xanax. We went to 3 drugstores all over Makati, which is a different area from where I live and as usual, the damn thing is sold out, that makes it a grand total of 8 fucking FARMacies who don’t carry my wonder drug.


What can I say… I guess there are far too many similar and deranged people in the third world.

And I’m just one of them. Har har.

Our final stop for the night was our usual haunt, M Cafe. We were starving and was hoping to have a proper, full meal but little did we know that there was a crowd/friday night thingie going on there. Saw some of our friends, Ronald Passion (who made me want to go to Thailand now for the full moon parties), Steve, Kiko Escora, etc. I ended up having a couple vodka red bulls, foie gras and green apple tart.

I ended up going home at around 2AM, which, to be honest, is FUCKING EARLY, in my standards. But then again it was a Friday… a weekday, my lungs were killing me and I feel sort of sick.


It’s my granddad’s (dad’s side) first year death anniversary today and we’re gonna go for late lunch at my grandma’s. He’s the only granddad that I’ve known (my other granddad died back in the 70’s… I was just eggs on my mum’s body) and he was a courageous, generous and loving man. I miss my grandpa to bits, I love him and I hope he’s happy wherever he is right now.

Here’s a picture of my grandpa’s hands inside his coffin a year ago.


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P.S. I’m going out tonight, despite me not feeling well. Ugh! I’ll update when I get back tomorrow.


  1. hey Brian you look so cute in the first pic :)best photo so far..love it…love the kukui nut necklace too..i have the same one in black and brown..have fun tonite :L:

  2. Bryan sweetie,
    Love the model poses – A tip for you when you pose: You should aim to pose with your shoulder blade perpendicular to the camera. That way, your body is slightly skewed sideways and you appear thinner and hotter.
    Always remember never to slouch the legs, doing so would make you appear shorter. Stand on your toes if you have to, this gives great leg extension and an always welcome belittling of the torso.
    Great job on the neck position, it’s extended but doesn’t seem too ‘forced’.
    Again, great job on the arm positioning. Non symmetry at shoulder level always makes for a sexier pose.
    You sexy bitch.
    Loves it.

  3. as a third world refugee, i feel that we should be given a permenant script for meds WITH our passports . . . ;)
    and as you already know- you’re *frighteningly* fabulous. and i thought i lurved lipgloss . . . (p.s. don’t fight the luscious lips. it will be one less thing to inject on your way to the senior center)

  4. Delilah Valentine

    That picture of your grandfather’s hand is something else, :/
    You crazy SOB for posting it on the net. Too funny.

  5. you’re looking hotter and hotter since you got out of that hospital a few weeks ago.
    you should be ready to shoot porn before Christmas. it would make such a nice gift idea.
    oh and I love turks too. bumped into one this weekend who was running away from the law, hiding in gay bars, out here in the third world. anyway, you know where to read about it.

  6. love the top and how you used your LV scarf as a belt! adds heaps more colour to the wardrobe!!! remember what they say.. accesorise accesorise accesorise!!!
    ahh that photo of your granddad’s hands are spooky.

  7. hey im moncha abaya, a friend of pepe diokno. i saw you yesterday, in the super inquirer thingy. you’re sooo funny! i wanted to meet you sana but i wasnt able to approach you. oh well, see you around!

  8. hammock20

    hiyeee…been reading this for some time but has had no time to comment till now. love the site. and the ATM looks too darn familiar.

  9. reality_chic

    Im from DC, thanks for the love…sending love to you as well :)

  10. omg, gorgeous! :)
    And if you can find some valium in any of those pharms, and you buy me a bunch load, I’ll paypal the $$ to you! :)

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