Rain, Hairy Mother Fucker, SendATip.com, Spare Change

Written By bryanboy

Hairy Mother Fucker

I love Jude Law. Seriously. I think he’s one hot trophy human dildo. But Jesus, look at those legs, especially the upper thighs. I can’t believe he’s one hairy mother fucker…  well, I didn’t expect him to be THIS hairy. I bet Sienna AND the Nanny got a damn good flossing that their dentists will be proud of whenever they give this guy a blowjob. 


Here’s some Kate eye candy, fresh from British Vogue.


Send A Tip To My Asshole

I got two of these "SendATip" recently and I found both of them quite flattering. Thank you, thank you, whoever you are.

Please identify yourselves so I can send you a Lalique ashtray or a Tiffany & Co. letter opener as a thank you present. If you don’t, I’ll throw them off to my frenemies’ faces.

This SendATip.com website is fun and quaint. It’s a shame I don’t fucking know the email addresses of the people I love (and hate) otherwise I would’ve bombarded them with tips. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, it’s so fun that I actually sent one to myself.


When it rains it POURS…

Sorry for the lack of personal photos lately. It’s been raining heavily recently and I’m confined indoors, in the deepest corners of my mother’s birdcage. As soon as I have the next opportunity to fly fly fly away, I’ll be sure to post some photos.

And sorry Gian for missing your fluxe it whatever party for the 3rd time in a row.

I was planning to go out yesterday night but the thunder and lightning scared the heck out of me. I guess it really does take a miracle for me to go out on a weekday night.

Spare Change Anyone?

Guess who sent me spare change in the mail? It’s no other than Google!

That’s right folks — Google, the world’s #1 search engine sent me a check enough for a facial (speaking of which, I haven’t had one in quite a long time now) or 3 tubes of lip gloss.

What would YOU do if Google sent you a hundred and one dalmatians (and 36 stray hairs) in the mail?


Big, sloppy kisses to people from Greece! I love you all.



  1. After seeing the Jude Law photo (and other strange/hairy looking people on the streets), I defenitly needed to see someone like Kate Moss. Thank you for the Kate Moss photo, bryanboy, thank you. That just made my day.

  2. Delilah Valentine

    HOLY SHIT, That is really gross. I hate overly hairy men. I love how you don’t like it when it thunders and lightning and all that hooplah out.. Me neither, and there’s a reason. I almost got struck by lightning, in the past 5 years, at least 5 fucking times. So scary, you see that blue light and shit right near you. Not a fun experience. It happened twice in my fucking house, and I will never forget the time I heard an ex friend of mine’s sister almost got blown the fuck up. The lightning came in the house and seriously not shitting you, blew the fucking tv on fire. She called the cops and all it almost burnt their house down. Anyway… I think that’s cool google sent you money. I’m part greek, and most greek people are just slobs! I’m off to bed. The tips site is cute too. :)

  3. Frederick

    Ah, quite obviously one of the cheap low-class nouveau rich (at least thats what you want people to believe).
    Sigh, people with real money don’t brag the way you do. My friends and I find your tireless charade quite amusing. You actually think you’re so hot spending a few dollars that way?
    I’ll give you enough attention when you actually get invited to your community, asmallworld.net. Oh, oops it’s by invitation only. Money can’t buy class laddie.
    Meanwhile, I’ll go back to searching for a private plane from St. Tropez to Lausanne in our real, exclusive community. Good luck dear trying to impress these people dear =)

  4. Ah come to Sydney matey!!! Sydney is nowhere as boring as NZ!!! Sydney’s gotta be heaps more exciting than NZ with heaps more stuff to do (ie. BONDI BEACH!!!) and besides, summer’s coming soon so the winter boredom will soon be gone.
    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that Jude Law photo! That just scarred me for life!! Oh well… he’s still sexy WITH clothes so I guess we’ll just have to close our eyes hahaha.
    But then lo and behold but her royal fabulousness Ms Moss shows up, and I can see the light again!! She’s just uber hot!!
    Again, come to Sydney!!! Our LV and Versace stores may be minute compared to others, but hey… we’re still Sydney!!

  5. I’m somewhat ashamed to say that I don’t really even know who Jude Law IS. All I know is that he’s some actor and he boinked his nanny. Oh well. Sound’s like Frederick is trying to make up for something that he’s lacking VIA the Internet. COOL DUDE!
    Anyway, that’s cool that google sent you a check. What for? They need to get on sending me one…Either way, enjoy your day! :)

  6. Frederick

    Lol and this faggot ain’t trying to make up for anything? LOL
    Keep eating breadcrumbs dearies

  7. You know I'm FUCKING right

    FUCK! Ms. FUCKING Delilah FUCKING Valentine is so FUCKING grown up because she can say FUCK 10x in one FUCKING skanky FUCKING post. Yippie-FUCKING-Yippie.

  8. Hmm, your Google cheque is a little different to mine; you don’t have the nice little harp in the corner. Exactly the same “Authorised Signature” though. He must have a busy life, flying between Dublin and New York, signing cheques :)
    Also, awh at the cute actor boy.

  9. Oh, and what do I do with the money Google send me? Let the cheques pile up, and eventually get to the bank (with its hideously inconvenient opening times; 10-4) with them. Then the nice lady at the desk asks me have I been on holidays. Inevitably. (This probably won’t happen any more; the last few cheques were in euros rather than dollars).

  10. Delilah Valentine

    Fuck was literally my first word spoken. I love it, and you ain’t right about shit, you pathetic mother fucker. Blow me, cunt!

  11. That fucker is just too scrawny for me, plus hairy and unfaithful on top of that. I like me some big strong men to pick me up and man-handle me, and he must be a one-woman man. I don’t think any of his exes should feel bad without him, there is no way they could do worse.

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