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Written By bryanboy

Queen of Tactful Tack

Good afternoon bitches. Buy the Philippine Star – quick! There’s a lovely article written with me on it. Although the powers that be censored the thing (of course, it’s one of the country’s top 2 daily newspapers – I doubt they’ll publish anything in true blue profanity-infected-and-infested Bryanboy style), I have to say I love it. The people at Star are good — everyone go hail them. Click the graphic below for the full-sized version.


Despite not getting a full page printed shrine dedicated to my glorious self, I got HALF of a page, which isn’t bad at all. At least it ain’t a 1 column inch printed at the "Prostitutes for Rent" or something whatever classifieds section. I’m very very happy. Gotta love the illustration, too.


I wished they published my true secret for success.

"No such thing as super powers babe. I ain’t Nuclear Wintour as of yet. My key to success is excess and bulimia. Feed your soul, your heart and your mouth with as many things as you can digest – extremities, food, booze, fashion, travel, partying, people, everything. As soon as you get home, all you need to do is to do is to sit down in front of a Lalique bowl, stick two or three fingers up your throat and then purge it all out. 

*No offense intended, of course, for those who have eating disorders. Bulimia is the only word I can think of to describe what I want to say."

At least they printed my "desperate to BECOME a housewife" plea.


That’s supposed to be:

"I need a gorgeous, eye-candy type, sober, stable, independent male (or female) flatmate so I can move out of my hellhole parent’s birdcage soon. Please be fabulous. Please be fun. And please be fantastic. No under the sheets obligation required. I just want it to be completely platonic… ok… I want it kind of like a mini version of the Big Brother House. I don’t want to be spend my weekday evenings alone on my own inside my future pad. Send me a message or call me. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: +63-915-785-1492 or email bryanboy@gmail.com.

Otherwise, I’ll just patiently wait for the movie offers, the book deals, the magazine contributing editorships, the TV commercials, the drama series, the handbag lines, the fragrance launches, the flopped nightclub and restaurant offers as I blog my way to fabdom."

Thanks, Naz (Queen Noor) for the great write up. Don’t y’all love it? I do! Now back to our usual programming…

Fluxxe Thursdays

I finally dragged my lazy, long-haired ass to the salon yesterday and got a haircut. I’ve been procrastinating for far too long on my ebony locks. Yes I need another lipodissolve session again. My arms are fucking enormous now. Don’t you dare make fun of my batwings.


I then went to People’s Palace for a quick snack and to meet Gian to return his CDs. Thursday nights are his nights – he spins at the Manila DJ Club for his weekly Fluxxe party.


Apres People’s Palance, I went to Tina’s house because Gian has to spin for his party.

There was a "Youthopia" party thrown by Pond’s (yes, Pond’s as in Pond’s – you know, the stuff that you use on your face/body/whatever that you can get from the supermarket)  but Tina and I decided not to go there… we sorta wanted a quiet/relaxed night out. We went to Cuisine (at Embassy) to meet a couple of friends for drinks and chit chat.


We then went to Manila DJ Club (it’s my first time). Finally… after not going to Gian’s Fluxxe party (it’s been running for a couple of weeks now), I finally showed up. It was fun. It was scary at first because the first thing that greets you right in the parking area (they have valet) is ROCK and I mean hardcore ROCK music – there’s a couple of rooms, I think and then an outside patio/balcony area. Everything was fine after going upstairs to Gian’s room. The music’s alright – it’s definitely a different crowd compared to our usual haunts – it’s refreshing to an extent – it’s all good.

We cut our night short – it’s a weekday afterall. You know how rare… extremely rare… for me to go out during the weekdays.

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

#1 – Bryanboy loves people from the state of Kansas (shit they have internet there?), Sacramento & Beverly Hills, CA and folks from (again) Melbourne, Australia.

#2 – I’ve finally flushed you down the toilet bowl along with my used tampon. I should have done that 10 years ago, right when I started getting my monthly period.

#3 – A desperate person can never have too much love. Send me more love – again – no photoshopped pictures please. Get a fuckin piece of paper and tell me you love me. Take a picture of it and email bryanboy@gmail.com. That’s how FUCKING easy it is.

Validate my fucking existence.

Everyone has a god damn camera this these days. Digital cameras, webcams, even most phones now have cameras. I’ve created a photo album where I’ll post all the love… and manna from heaven. Just give me and my assistant some time to compile and crop them to a reasonable size etc.


As always, feel free to contact me. You have my digits, you have my email address.


P.S. I love you all!


  1. you are very good looking! pls reply to my email. big kiss from germany

  2. I LOOOOOOOVE your blog! I read it religiously! I think you are hilarious! And a “girlfriend” I’d love to hang out with. Glad that life if treating you right there in the Phil…with all of your designer clothes splurges…what else can a girl ask for in life! Congrats on all of your success…your living every girls dream!

  3. hey bryan, fuck all the shopping, ur clothes or what you dress like yada yad..i think you write well!
    come on now..give a shout out to bombay india! we got LV here too!

  4. BeachSide Prep

    We’ll I’ll admit i didn’t lurveee the Dior bag at first but seeing it on your shoulder I decided it looks fabulous, also Massachusetts loooooves you.

  5. mercy123

    I too was a little distrubed about the saddlebag concept … but hell, it actually looks good on you – although not so hot with the light blue shirt… I will never doubt you again ( ok … at least not for the next 5 minutes)

  6. wow i didnt realise we have so many loser people who likes him , if you check out thefashionspot youll see that every1 hu is fashionable think he luks stupid
    and by the way ur not pretty u luk like your face has been hit by a frying pan its flat and your pout is ming

  7. Thats’ a fierce illustration. You won’t believe this, but I can’t seem to find the Phillipine Star in my hometown of Monticello, N.Y.!

  8. Bryanboy,
    Followed a link from a political blog (of all places) to your blog … thank you for making me laugh, entertaining me and being your hilarious, kooky, wonderful self :) I wish I had as much chutzpah as you!
    New fan,

  9. “wow i didnt realise we have so many loser people who likes him , if you check out thefashionspot youll see that every1 hu is fashionable think he luks stupid
    and by the way ur not pretty u luk like your face has been hit by a frying pan its flat and your pout is ming”
    WHAT AN ASSHOLE! I still love ya Bryanboy, and I think you’re fashionable.

  10. you’re living the great third-world dream, baby, and i love you for it. yeah, new fan, thanks to the fabulous Star article. i’ll try to get a hot male to write i love bryanboy on his member and send it to you. a picture of it, i mean… haha!

  11. you are fab! i have loved reading your blog for some time and am glad so many more have caught the bryan-bug as well. cheers!

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  13. I found your site through the ad on Justin’s FUBAR… and lemme tell you, Bryanboy.com has a new fan in the OC!! Talk about entertaining – you should book yourself out for birthday parties and Bar Mitzvahs.
    Check out my new site sometime… OysterDerby.com !!!

  14. i’ve read that article about you from Phil. Star. (that’s how i found my way here) great blog, im enjoying ur site! :D

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