I can't. I just can't.

Written By bryanboy

[Edited 08/15/05 – 2:13AM: I just fixed a bug on the "comments" section. I got a couple of emails telling me you guys are getting a 404 error when you click on the comments link. Now that it’s working (yay) – blast me with comments and fire away!]


Stop the emails about the car crash ‘gay’ smut pictures NOW.

Despite the fact that my mere 2 brain cells are nagging that I should post those 4 pictures here, unfortunately, I have to follow my heart.

It’s just one of those moments where you have to follow what your heart says instead of your brain.

I am bound by secrecy and have been requested by some of my friends NOT to post them anywhere (although they’ve passed it on to quite a few people in the party).

In fact, I was the last one who saw it!

Good god.

Where was I when those pictures were taken?

I can’t believe I was GONE!

I just can’t believe y’all did that.

*cry* *laugh* *cry* *laugh*

Anyway, I don’t wanna wreck relationships — I value the relationships that I have with my friends more, than, say, the emotional satisfaction that you’ll get if I post them here.

The only reason why I brought it up here yesterday is the fact that I want to flush it out of my system. And in some ways, believe it or not, this blog has been sort of therapeutic to me.

But boy oh boy, I’m sure what they did was done all in the name of fun.

At first I thought it was funny… and artsy.

But after more than 10 hours of sleep and sobering up, uh, erm, uh, I’m not sure.

I dunno what to feel. Sad? Sorry?

Was it done in a bad taste or was it done just purely out of fun?

Blech. I don’t wanna talk about it. Here I am overanalyzing things again. (har har) That’s one of my diseases I suppose.


Stop the emails.


I don’t want to talk about it. Please make this the last time you/I will bring it up.

I toyed around cropping bits and pieces here and there so just be satisfied and contented with it.


I really don’t want to think about it EVER again.

Thank you.

I’lll update in a bit. I’m starving!



  1. omg this is so funny just looking at you and your clothes it could be a comedy act
    and by the way dont kid yourself into thinking that if you wear designer you look nice…i think you proved that wrong and when people look at you in the street they wont be turning there heads thinking “wow look at him” they will be thinkin “what a twat”
    so i would advise you on spending less on the “gay/twat” look

  2. omg i think i can make out a few of the photos. *__*
    don’t worry if you dont want to put up the photos you dont have to. of course im not saying that im not interested (and bi-curious!!!) but what the heck so yeah. :)
    loved the feathers and LV fur mate!!!

  3. Sunny Stewart

    Aloha Bryan Boy,
    Please email me. I really need to talk to you about some stuff.

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