Chill, Fencing Galore

Written By bryanboy

Chill, My Minions, Chill.

Grab some vodka and valiums. NOW!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been terribly busy the past few days, juggling my time between tasks, dealing with friends and caterers, healthcare, etc. I know there are some of you out there who check my site several times a day to get a fix for your fabulous addiction and there’s nothing worse that going back to what you were doing, empty-handed.

Bah! Let’s get down and dirty shall we…

Fancy a Game of Fencing?

I was checking some of my blog referrers earlier and I noticed people from this forum (you gotta love online discussion forums) called "Pinoy Exchange" are talking about my little McFatty ass. As always, I just LOVE and I mean LOVE some of these sanctimonious twats who spend their day drinking motor oil.

Click here to see the thread.

Gotta love the amount of self-righteousness that infest that place.

Breeding? Sorry bitches, I’m bent. And I’m anorexic. I’ll leave the chicken feed to the breeders.

Class? What’s that? Is this something you buy at… Walmart? I’m an out of school youth. At 18 (+5 don’t tell anyone) years old, you’re supposed to be out of the classroom… unlesss you’re into hanging out in the cafeteria, pedophilia or handing out cigarettes to minors.

Purge my dear readers, purge. Stick 3 fingers down your throats and purrrrrrrge.

Let’s go fencing sweethearts – use a sword, or in this case, your pen… and I’ll poke & pack all that fudge in your hairy buttocks using my Louis Vuitton umbrella.



Whoever said that the pen is mightier than the sword should lick my lipstick, get shot in the crotch and get dumped on the nearest freeway, bleeding to death like roadkill because it’s definitely something that can put any rain, sword… or any pen, whether it be BIC or Montblanc, to shame.

Monogram madness eh. It’s just like what, 1999? 2000? Despite what y’all think, logo-a-gogo will always be here to stay.

At least it ain’t some corporate logo ala "A-family-member-went-into-a-business-conference-and-all-I-got-is-this-lousy-mug/t-shirt/umbrella-promo" tripe stamped on my saber stick.

Hospital Horror

Finally. After all this time I was able to visit my shrink on Monday afternoon to get my prescriptions refilled. I had to go to a different hospital though because he’s in a different one during afternoons.

If ever you’re in the Philippines, please don’t, under any circumstances, go to Makati Medical Center.

Unless you have attention deficit disorder. 

Thank god I’m healed from that dreaded disease.

Each god damn floor feels like its bloody basement (rumor has it that the basement of this hospital is pretty much a better version of the National Mental Health Center).

That hospital is just plain awful and fuckin crowded.

Especially the pharmacy section where I had to sit for OVER an hour just to buy my meds. The queue is horrendous – there’s no such thing as a queue jump and I had to sit beside really weird people who look as if I’m a walking cadaver. That’s what I felt on Monday afternoon – a cadaver, fresh from the morgue.

God I looked awful that day.


(I left my camera at home on Monday and had to take one of those mobile phone self-shots. Har har!)

If I got a dollar from each stare that I got, I’d be buying a new handbag.

I admit – I like it when people stare, it validates my existence (of course), but definitely not from hospital people.

Friday Fun in the Sandbox

This message goes out to people who know who they are… or who WILL know who they are.

(OK, perhaps to a few, very few, no more than 25, select people.)

Um, hi? hello? ;)

Be sure to reserve your early Friday night (yep, this week), after the Shu Uemura party.

Make me feel special and be sure to come. Please?

You’ll know what I’m talking about soon!

Bryanboy Loves… and Random Cheesemax

People from Pompano Beach, FL, Omaha, Nebraska, Scottsdale, AZ, people from Bonn, Germany and people who read the Manila Bulletin. Get down on your knees and hail to the Patron Saint of Materialism – that’s me.


Remember kids: don’t buy your Vuittons from eBay. But them at the stores!

Is it the rain or what? I don’t feel so inspired recently.

As always, identify yourselves and email me:



  1. Stanley

    Thank you for the update. L.I. and the link didnt work honey. And you need to put more pictures of yrself.

  2. I LOVE your blog, keep at it babe. Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than reading what comes off the top of your head next. :-)

  3. Dang! You caught me. I do come to your site several times a day. Things are so boring around here. Blah! I live in a Hell Hole. Scratch that: I live in Hell Hole (a.k.a Waco, Texas). At least I don’t live in a third world country (no offense).

  4. I love your blog. I do think you should have an FAQ section though–I am dying to know (and I am sure others are as well) how you attained your money and other questions of the nature! bisoux bisoux!

  5. Nevermind what those idiots at pinoyexchange say. They are jealous of your fabulousness. I found you through a web forum a few weeks ago, and I’m glad. I don’t check everyday, but I do subscribe to the RSS feed through my email program so I’m notified of every update. It brightens my day everyday to see your new posts.

  6. it’s all right, honey. :D you really just can’t please everyone..

  7. Delilah Valentine

    Hey b1tch. I sent a couple of my forum friends from the wendy williams experience forum to your blog, I think they will love you as much as I. :)

  8. Yonina Chan? As in Yonina Coleen Chan? Wow where has she been all this time (she’s a friend who I haven’t seen for yonks!). What article was that and where was it published?
    Those who dwell in the minute corners of pinoyexchange are just jealous of the life that they can never have. To think about it, I too am envious of your fabulousness, but that’s me talking as a fan.
    Keep it up bryan! I stand by when I say I love your fabulousness!

  9. article after article! any chance you can send me the whole feature on bryanboy? it’d be fun to read what a ‘journalist’ has to say about my favorite blogger

  10. bryanboy, i’ll still love you to bits no matter what people – flippin’ filipinos at that – would say… please understand that it’s insecurity that impedes this country from progressing. the hell with them. bryanboy owns! ;P
    and yeah, keep it up as well. *smack*

  11. hey bryan do grace us with the whole article pleaseeee… u got 8 what/?!?!? thousand hits a day!? dats mad!!!!!! and i dont believe that you got hate mails cause everyone loves youuuuuu…… Id kiss you if you’re not straight! >.<

  12. Elizabeth

    the hospital sounds awful!
    Luckily you have that hot Chanel necklace to make up for it

  13. You think that’s bad? In our hospital system, it’s quite normal to store dying people on beds in corridors (this is the world’s second-richest country, now). When people complain about this, the right-wing health minister vaguely hints that they should be paying for healthcare.
    Surely you have more than 8000 hits a day?

  14. Oh, and it’s good to see that stupid people who post in forums are the same the world over.

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