Eat Your Heart Out.

Written By bryanboy

Eat Your Heart Out.

Boy oh boy the folks at Inquirer are generous. That’s why I love them. (ha ha – am I a freeloader too?)

And there I was — stuck for about an hour and a half inside the car yesterday en route to my travel agent, thinking/asking myself

"I wonder how much do those billboards on the freeway cost."

But this one is better.



You should’ve seen the billboards that we have on the freeway – they’re HUGE.

I think it would be absolutely fabulous if I have my face plastered on a billboard, followed by my website address and my cellphone number, followed by "Please fund my shopping sprees."

On that profound note, I’m signing off.

I’m gonna sleep, have beautiful dreams and wake up impossibly-fresh looking.

I gotta go to my aesthetician later for a last minute session, followed by a pedicure.

Also, thought you’d want to know, I won’t bring my 17-inch sony vaio laptop with me. I’m on a full-scale retail and conspicuous consumption shopping expedition and a computer is nothing but nuisance.

I’ll be back either Wednesday night or Thursday — depends on when my travel buddy wants to go home.

By the meantime, validate my existence you mere mortals. Bombard my email account with messages (and pictures) of you holding a DIY "I Love/<3 Bryanboy" sign. or +63-915-785-1492. Text messages are accepted. No phone calls please. I *NEVER* answer phone calls from numbers I don’t know.

I love you all!!

Stay fabulous.

Stay… Bryanboy!



  1. bryangurl

    Hoy bryangurl, ang cheap mo. Para kang nag-aral sa Public School.
    Bihisan mo man ang unggoy, mukha pa ring unggoy.

  2. Dear Bryan
    Please pity this girl. Please do update ASAP. We here getting bored and fashionably deprived. What should we do to get you to update oft?
    Babooshing slowly,

  3. I came back to see if there was a new post, there wasn’t so I read the new comments on this post. I saw the address as indicated by Platypus and being a book geek and wondering went there. Ouch, what an ass, seriously. You should give him a blog beatdown!

  4. John Smith

    I think your blog sucks…It pointless and lack creativity and intellectual stimuli. What worse is that the blog owner (yourself) is unbelivably hideous!!! No wonder you need all the make up and what nots!! Get a life!! Only thing people are envious about you is probably you money and even that is not earned self derived. (Unless you sell your ass for a living…which to the prudent man would practically worthless!! Pity a fool like you…really do!!

  5. you know, he’s said that its haters like you that validates his existence. you unknowingly boosted up his ego, stupid. i love you, bryanboy – from merrill lynch

  6. you-need-a-slap-on-the-face

    Y’all envy bitches better stop talking shit about Bryan. Where does he get all the money? well well well my darlings…

  7. Ha.
    It is ironic when the spineless asshole who is too scared to give his real contact information goes completely out of his way to make another person feel bad (for no other reason but sadistic self gratification) tells someone else to “Get a life.”
    You, sir, are a pathetic coward. Nothing more than a stain of rotten shit on the evolutionary ladder, and a waste of good oxygen for the rest of us.

  8. I’ll be honest and say most of the time I come in here and read things and I’ve got no freaken clue what you’re on about half the time but I’m still entertained and I still read it.
    Happy shopping.

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