Musings of a New-Moneyed Masochist, Bryanboy Blast Off!

Written By bryanboy

Musings of a New-Moneyed Masochist

5:09AM, Saturday, August 27, 2005.

As I’m typing today’s entry, the country’s #1 newspaper/broadsheet is probably being dropped off at various newstands around this third world hell hole that I live in. That’s right. 7,107 islands… and them some.

After all this time who knew I’d end up in the papers. I’m quite honored to be asked to contribute to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

TaasWell, not me personally, but my verbal diarrhea.

Oh yes bitches.

I have to admit – my article was written (and sent… I’m sorry!) in the last minute. I literally wrote it the same day as my deadline was because I’ve been horribly busy the past few days.

I thought my article lacked structure… and substance.

But practice makes perfect.

I have NO writing skills whatsoever of any kind. Carrie Bradshaw my fucking asshole.

Whatever it is that you read from me comes from the cocaine-covered walls of my aorta, my mucus-covered lungs and drenched-in-motor-oil guts.

I showed the link to my mom yesterday and she couldn’t even believe I can write such thing.

In fact, she couldn’t even believe I know how to write — the only thing she knew that I knew is to do a John Hancock whenever I go shopping.

Nevertheless, my old, fat bitch of a moodrums is a proud, happy woman.

Wanna know what I wrote? Click the link below.

Musings of a New-Moneyed Masochist: Freeloaders Exposed

I asked my maid to buy 10 copies of the newspaper once the clock hits 6AM. I’ll scan and post a shot as soon as I get hold of a copy.

Bryanboy Blast Off!

A new friend (yet the warmest and one of the most good-hearted people I’ve met) of mine is throwing a little cocktail/booze party in my honor (gasp) tonight.

If you got the invite, please try to come. You know who you are. It’s always nice to hang out and spend time with people.

C.R.L –  I am SO sorry for not making it last night despite me asking where your pad is. I tried my best to diassociate myself from laziness but with the rain pissing madly, I decided to stay indoors. I was out quite early yesterday because I had to pick up our passports and tickets from the travel agency — in Malate! My brain exploded from all the low-flying maya, pigeons and doves that I saw when I went to Robinson’s earlier.  I have never seen such scenery before I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not Manila’s red light district is back in full swing again.

Excuses excuses excuses. Pfft.

I hope there will be a ‘next time’ and I hope my rain check didn’t bounce because of insufficient funds time.

On the subject of time, I still haven’t packed my Prada leather mini-trunk/large suitcase yet.

I promised myself all I’m gonna bring is my toiletry kit and empty Prada nylon bags but I couldn’t resist taking clothes and stuff out of my wardrobe.

My #1 rule whenever I travel is to exceed the free baggage allowance. Overpack, overpack, overpack and then shop.

By doing so, it gives me an excuse to buy more suitcases.

I’m honestly tired at the moment – been up all day yesterday but I won’t sleep until I see my article in print.

The later I sleep today, the later I get up.

Besides, I’m gonna do an all-nighter today. I have to check-in at the airport on Sunday dawn.

After the Bryanboy Blast Off! party, we might go to La Embajada (not sure) then to the airport.

Who knows, I’ll probably fly drunk.

Enough ramblings for now – I asked my maid to buy papers. I’ll post the scans when she comes back.



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