Written By bryanboy

Woohoo! I can now breathe oxygen again. Looks like they got my little parcel of love. I hope it goes to good use — and get sold on eBay. LOL. ;)


Click here to see the video.

Be sure to buy my little entry just in case it gets sold on eBay. Remember, it’s for charity! It’s my mom’s birthday today and I’m off to have dinner.

I wish people from the Philippines sent in their entries, too, but it seems I’m the only one from the third world. :(

Oh well. I’m starving.



  1. wow the fridae message..
    if i had a dollar for every time i got one of those messages before i deleted the damn thing, i’d be rich by now.
    gross. :-P

  2. Hey Flamin’ Mo!
    I need a fourth Judge for a little contest I am running on my blog………you’d be perfect for it!

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