Weekend Bender

Written By bryanboy

What a fun weekend it was. Let the pictures say it all.

On Saturday, I finally had the chance to u-haul my fat ass to my friend Tina’s apartment. I was bored and thought I’d hang out with some of my friends before going clubbing. As you know, my friend Tina is a local designer – and since I was kinda bored at the time, I went to one of the rooms and found a really nice dress. To shock everyone (well, nothing shocks my friends anymore. hahaha), I decided to wear the dress.

There has been that disgusting drag-wannabe picture of me on those blue tights scattered around the internet. But this one really bites the cake. Meet my 2nd official attempt in drag. LOL. My arms are sooo fat thought. Actually, erase that. I’m SOOOO FAT!!!!! I need a couple more lipodissolve sessions. Ugh!





Both Lindsay Lohan and moi love Gaultier tank tops





After Tina’s place, we all had dinner, Japanese, at Zen, then went off to Club Embassy, as usual.

Sorry if I haven’t updated my blog in the past few days. Been slacking the past few days because of my meds. Ugh! And I still have cough. Terrible.

I’ll keep you posted in a bit. I’ve slept the entire Sunday off and it’s like 1:11AM in the morning. I need to gather my thoughts and my act together.

Love you all!!!



  1. Dahling you look way better than Miss. Lohan in the Gaultier tanktop. Your friend is a great designer, I love that dress and you look incredible in it.

  2. Monica

    Positively glorious. You’re getting much better at dressing drag.

  3. Delilah Valentine

    I fuckin loves it… Is your name Bobby? If not, that’s what I’m calling you. Bobby Fucktabulous. Anyway, what the fuck is lipodissolve session? Never heard of it. Spill the beans, and get into detail.
    Just Keepin It Real,
    Delilah Valentine

  4. you’re not fat hunny bun <33 loving the gaultier tank top, and i hope you get over that cough.

  5. OMG! What were you thinking you look like a giant bruise. Your arms look fat sweetie? Ummm hello? Have you looked at the rest of you? It seems like you have hit one to many buffets, girl no amount of lipodissolve is gonna help. I think you need to get an eating disorder quick.
    Love ya long time, you cum twice you pay double…
    Jay…im hot!

  6. Hey, Bryan, when people take photos of you for your blog, can you ask them to get the occasional footwear shot? Shoes make the man, but we never get to see yours! What’s the point talkin’ ’em up if you’re not ready to show your cards once in a while?
    BTW, you seem to favor the Paris Hilton stance in a lot of your photos. I think it’s time for you to invent a new, original pose. C’mon, I know you’ve got it in you.

  7. You fat? Never!!! You look amazing and you KNOW it! :-)
    I do wanna raid your closet though…!! :) Amazing taste… wish we had that kind of class in my area!

  8. who the fuck is the hunk? he’s hot.
    speaking of Paris, when are you gonna shoot a porno flick (with that guy for example).
    boots + short = very hot baby
    but then again, I’m just a pedophile

  9. AnnaHart

    OK, seriously stop bitching about your weight…like someone posted earlier, you are just encouraging insecure 13 year olds to go and barf up their bologna sandwich. You look great in Tina’s dress…better than a full on female…and by the way, your blog is disgustingly addictive….and who is that hot shirtless guy?

  10. I was just reading your blog and i am sooo in love with you. just wanted to let you know

  11. looking great!! btw jessica simpson was photographed carrying your LV bag……… loves the Gaultier top.

  12. Mangina

    God, you are fat!…and also quite ugly…and the biggest fuckin’ queen in the world…and you have as much fashion sense as blind, mentally retarded homeless person…and a little advice…no one wants to date a man who carries a woman’s handbag

  13. Girlfridae1

    Fat? HELLO! Your slim okay? But I’ll tell you what’s hot….slender muscles. You need some “muscular” meet on your bones hon. I’m not talking scary iron pumper kind either. I’m talking swimmer’s body.
    BTW, love, love, love your lip glosses–very fierce.

  14. Mangina

    “Meet my 2nd official attempt in drag.”
    Honey, your whole life is one big tacky drag performance…get a clue!

  15. Zeb Taylor

    you make a wonderful drag queen, if i do say so myself
    way to go

  16. AnnaHart

    Yeah, slender muscles are good…you seriously don’t want to be looking like Jerry Hall in a few years…or Alana Stewart…

  17. Mangina

    “you seriously don’t want to be looking like Jerry Hall in a few years…or Alana Stewart…”
    ahhh, no, I should hope not, because they are women…duh!!!

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