Stop the Press! Make Max Factor of CNN say Hi to BryanBoy **NOW*

Written By bryanboy


HOUR OF CNN TODAY. I’ve been watching

CNN Today for the past 2 hours now it’s

not EVEN funny.

UGH. Well, they just said the CORRECT email address!

Email and tell Max Factor Foster to say hi to BryanBoy from the Philippines.

They’re live NOW as in LIVE folks!

Max, you hot big-foreheaded-cutie, is this you? I know you’re in London…


Tell me you love me Max. Hah!!!



  1. Delilah Valentine

    Why the fuck are they not shouting out their support. Like they have so many viewers, or anyone would care. Damn bloody cunts.

  2. what pisses me off is they actually have the time to fucking show the weather like every 15 minutes.
    who the hell cares about the weather.

  3. Delilah Valentine

    You can get my location and computer information. You sneaky bastard, You! haha too funny.

  4. i doubt max himself read my site but seriously i think it would be cool. you know, make him salivate and stutter on just shut up and say “hi” on TV.
    ugh. i’ve never been soo obsessed on something.
    actually no, i’m obsessed with the new Dior bag on the new ad campaign with kate moss in it.

  5. Hi skyped you today, you answered but couldnt hear me… how do i get that fricking netflix !!! let me know.

  6. Girlfridae

    Yes, it’s been available for awhile now but I just want to say that I’m sooooo loving the new Dior music!

  7. BryanBoy: I luv your site! It rocks…Anyway, I sent CNN a message, hopefully Max will give you a shoutout or something. Bye!
    P.S. They do show the weather to much. Update: Go outside and look up. There you go, that’s the weather for the day.

  8. i sent you all my condoleses for the terrible disaster.any dont worry your selves much things will soon come to normal we just pray for you people.

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