Sending the love..

Written By bryanboy

5:02PM here and people are bugging me to take a bath and get ready.

Another colourful weekend coming up.

Hotel room – check
Outfit – check (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
Narcotics Anonymous – check
Benzos for come down – check
"Friends" – check
"Acquaintances" – check

Hot sex with a really cute guy – priceless.

There are a lot of things Bryanboy can buy. For everything else..


I’ll update you on Late Saturday (US Time) or Sunday with pictures and class-A gossip.

Wish me luck! I love you, you, you, you and you. Each and everyone of you.

As always (and say it with me)



  1. I somehow find myself living vicariously through your pictures. I think because you look much better in lip gloss than any guy should. Or girl for that matter.

  2. You
    Haha oh my oh my, Bryanboy, you are by far the funniest guy I’ve ever met! Toodles!

  3. I have had a number of girls develop cocksucker cramp (CSC) after working me over for an hour or so. I wanted to offer them a solution, but dont have any, other than a shot of man juice between the eyes.
    I thought I would ask for your advice on the topic.

  4. man, it pisses me off to see this girl who lives in nyc, writes a blog similar to carrie’s life from sex and the city, and she’s got a book offer and an article about her by the new york times, and i go to her weblog, and you know what? it fucking sucks! yours is way more entertaining than she can ever be.
    her blog.
    nytimes article.
    if she can get a book offer and a television series, dammit, you can!

  5. Sex is of course a purchaseable commodity, though not an ethically purchasable one.

  6. Hey hey, just sharing the love. I think you should quit too! you will not be looking good carying an oxygen tank around to the clubs. I was just wondering if you could give me advice, I’ve never flown in an airplane before, and I’ve seen that you have. I’m flying into LAX this week (July 27) and I’m nervous! Help! My email is:

  7. Thanx Fayden for posting that link of Stephanie Kline’s blog, it’s so entertaining and it makes so much more meaningful, and is way classier than Bryan Boy’s blog!!! At least she doesn’t talk about superficial and gross stuff like lipodisolve or weight loss pills. If you do not like her, I suggest you don’t advertise her, but thanx anyways, I’m ditching this blog for hers!!!

  8. Delilah Valentine

    Have Fun biatch. I’ll be reading some monday morning or so.

  9. Lol you guys mind as well stop with the anti smoking help, because I CAN JUST SEE Bryan going around with his Luis Vuitton Oxygen Tank, looking all exclusive. Then he’ll be like “Asthama never looked so good”

  10. Greek Tragedy- Newly Discovered Blog

    I came to read about Stephanie Klein, when a reader of Bryanboy complained that she is ditching Bryanboy to Stephanie Klein who according to some writes like Carrie of Sex and the City. The comment obviously sparked my interest and…

  11. Bryan, HELP !!! How do you get Netflix if you are in the Philipines ? I live in South America and i want to rent dvd’s … loved the vomit pic.

  12. lucifer

    one fucking piece of shit you are, without your dad’s credit card, you’re nothing! pretensious cunt!

  13. tiffani

    Verdi – since you like that blog so much (btw I do too) you (and the other idiots on here bashing Bryan) should pay extra attention to this small bit in her blog……
    “Mostly, I don’t understand where they’re coming from and what the writer’s goal is in conveying his/her nasty remarks. What, to make me feel like shit? That makes you feel good? Please, this isn’t an after school special. It’s easy to be courageous behind a cloak of anonymity, try doing things you’re proud of, things that take real courage.”
    get a life people. when I don’t care for a blog or a particular person, I keep it moving. I personally don’t have time to go through all the steps it takes to leave a comment just to tell a person how much they suck and how much I hate them. is that truly the highlight of your petty day? focus on the love in your life, you’ll live longer.

  14. miguel adrover

    Hotel room – check
    Outfit – check (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
    Narcotics Anonymous – check
    Benzos for come down – check
    “Friends” – check
    “Acquaintances” – check
    “Famine” – check?
    “Poverty” – check?
    “what the fuck is wrong with me?” – check?

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