Pedophilia and Skeletalism – Can I pass as a boy? Fag or Not?

Written By bryanboy

I got a couple of emails from y’all about that picture of me with really thin arms. Yeah, I noticed that too. I actually kinda like it. Now I know which angle to use to achieve that skeletal arms effect. Hahahaha! *kidding*. Nah, I thought that was really skinny looking.

I don’t think I’m *that* skinny. I mean, yes, I am skinny, fine, there’s no need to propel anorexia by saying "I’m fat", but personally, I think my body is normal and healthy for any 5’9/5’10, 23 year old boy. I mean, I weighed myself earlier today and I’m like (shock-horror) 124 lbs. I’m 14 pounds overweight. I’ve got man tits and love handles for god’s sake. I think those 2 are the 14 pounds I needed to shed. Oh and my bingo wings, too.


Warning: you are about to see me reeking of

masculinity and testosterone. I recommend that

you scroll down as fast as you can or get those

vomit bags ready.




Hilarious, isn’t it? I’ve never done sleaze before and I thought this is funny.

Sucky sucky 5 dolla, me love you long time 10

dolla, you pay 20 dolla I gib free roast duck!

Eeeeeew. God I look like a fucking $5 prostitute on those photos.

Do I officially look like a boy now?

Awful eh? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Remind me not to do porn.

Nobody will ever buy porn with me on it.

It will be a major flop. I think I’m better off being the little vain fairy that I am with the side job as a fluffer – I’m good behind the scenes. I give very good blowjobs, afterall.


I confess — I’ve been chit chatting to sexually-confused, underaged, jail magnets these days. God I’m such a pedophile.

Meet Mr. Leon Grant Bussinger of


Grant is a 17 year old hardcore republican proud WASP from the swamps of Tampa, Florida. You should’ve seen his reaction and his balls when I told him he looked Jewish and how can he be a WASP when both of his names are blacker than Naomi Campbell, Iman, Michael Jordan, Lil Kim.

He’s such a darling. We talked on the phone sometime last week for 3 whole hours with him saying "Oh my god" for at least 300 times per hour. 

He also claims he’s straight however, my ever reliable gaydar says he’s lying. I mean, come on, what kind of straight 17 year old reads GQ, wants to study acting in Julliard (sp?), currently a waiter at Shake and Bake (knock-knock-cliche, we all know about waiters who want to be actors but end up being drug addicts and prostitutes), wants Prada, knows ton about fashion, hangs out with a ton of girls (fag hags), whines, whinges and complains about everything in the world whenever the opportunity arrives?







Remember: teenage angst is your one-way

ticket to enchanted fagdom!


Anyway, I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not Grant is a breeder or a fag. I say FAG!

ShrockRegardless of his sexuality, I think he’s a really nice guy and I’m glad that we talked. If only he’s legal… and if only miscegenation is acceptable, I wouldn’t mind him being the father of my first child.

Think about it: mixed raced babies are the Chanel of babies. And there’s no other baby that I want coming from that of a **GAY** republican. Ok, maybe not Ed Schrock’s. EEEW. Nasty eh?

I love you all!

P.S. is now live!


  1. Delilah Valentine

    You are one crazy ass. I find it hilarious, cause I’m the same exact way. Rock the fuck on!
    Delilah Valentine

  2. AnnaHart

    Bryan, I too have been wondering about Grant’s sexuality…poor thing, I left him a nasty remark on his guestbook-then recanted it. I felt guilty, he is just a child after all. The term, WASP, however,means little or noting is most modern circles. The only groups that find it important are the ones who have accomplished nothing other than being born WASP. You are such a skinny thing, you make me sick! Seriously, I hate you and your skinny arms!

  3. Girlfridae1

    Grant: In the first picture, I’m thinking, “Ooooo Ahhhh, if only I were 10 years younger and he weren’t gay.” But then I see the next two pics and my fantasy is ruined….
    Oh well, cute eyes anyway.

  4. Mangina

    God, can you get any uglier? Well, apparently so…as these latest pictures prove…and please, for the love of all good taste, stop posing with your fucking purse…and you don’t have skinny arms, you have FLABBY arms…you are one big pile of unfashionable flab.

  5. I think Grant works at Steak & Shake – the epitome of WHITE TRASH! I’ve gone in there when I was in Florida, drunk on my ass and I’ve seen the dullards who work there. There is no way a trust fund baby is working there. NO WAY.
    But then again, I went into to feed my urge of a vanilla shake, so what does that say about me? haha

  6. Honey if you’ve got it, just flaunt it. And if you can make a quick buck, I would say: “Just do it”. You don’t need to start in some hardcore production per se. Maybe start in some softcore movie. It is not a shame to be the star in “Some like it hotter” or “Bitchskank, the true story of a single mother trying to overcome a financial crisis (based on the true story of a crackwhore becoming the first supermodel owning her own oilcompany).

  7. Wow, I spent at least 2 hours reading you blog. Really entertaining stuff. I love your style, I wanna go shopping with you!!!

  8. bwahaha, grant is such a fag.
    he thinks he james dean but he is just a twatty, gay-for-pay american teenager, trying to pull off ‘angst’ to make the ladies think he has feelings…. but in the end all he really wants to do is stick his pee pee in my bunghole.

  9. you’re glowing… are you pregnant?
    anyway, if anyone ever claims to have a trust fund, they (or more likely their parents) are certainly going to come up in a search.
    Hey, by the way, what possesed you to pay for advertising on other sites?

  10. Quincy,remember?

    Hey Bryan! im browsing thru friend’s lj..and i saw u. shit! u own manila!

  11. biatch….hahahaha!you so like him!!!!hahahaha!anyway…see you friday on my show….and then lets get trashed and party again…where the fuck is that blog we talked about?anyway…im not up for that speed dating thing….manila and speed dating i dont think they match well….

  12. bourgeois bitch

    I hate to ruin his delusions of riche-dom, but I’ve never heard of this guy or his family in the Tampa society scene. I just looked at his blog, and he goes to a public school in New Port Richey. 1) What self-respecting “WASP” goes to public school? Clinging onto the ideal of being a republian wasp is lame anyway. 2)New port richey is one step up from a cow pasture. 3)Steak and shake is one half step up from mcdonald’s. p.s. You look trop fabuleux!

  13. I think he is gayer than Myspace MAC addicts.
    In that fag-hag photo he is not dressed as a “Teenage Republican.”

  14. Interesting comments. Aside from the fact that all of you are self-important idiots, I think you should note the actual posts themselves, and not the superficial skimming of them. You may note that I moved to my father after a lengthy dispute with my mother, and my mother lives in St. Petersburg. I have never stayed at a school more than two years my entire life, more than half of them spent in either Private, Military, or Magnet Schools. And while you all may read my earlier posts, laugh, and make fun, you must also realise my age. WASP to me is just like celebrating the latino, african american, or indian heritages in others judging me on my pride is just as wrong as racism. I am reading these comments sadly. Honestly. These pseudo-intellectual remarks are quite depressing. Look at things in context folks, please. The use of Teenaged WASP is almost a farce, playing on an underused adjective to describe teenagers. I see how you all stereotype and judge and it actually helps me, because I know that i need to work to not be that way. As for the trust information, I was surprised at bryan for putting that up, considering he values his privacy very much. Also, being that my last name is my fathers, and my trust coming from my mother’s side you will not find information. I have not given my mother’s name. There is one specific comment that I would like to address, however, and that is the one by bourgeois bitch. Tampa? Do you actually think there is a social scene in Tampa? lmao. Honestly, you are sadly naive. And if you actually went in depth you would note the southern heritage, and not the floridian heritage. Living in florida is a new concept for part of my family. You are missing very big pieces of the puzzle my dear. Southerners are more family oriented which is very well known, and which also leads me to question your authority on such matters as the tampa social scene. Also, I work because I 1.) am forced to. 2.) it’s fun 3.)foster’s growth in the areas of responsibility.
    any questions?
    email me.

  15. I like your butch look but you need facial hair to realy pull it off. Go for a “The Lover” look. Any gender needs good arms so start barbell curls gurl.(you rock however you look)

  16. Hot pics, very neuvo trashy, did you take those for Grant, Ha! But really dahling wicked cute, you look ultra emaciated. Grant is completely flamingly homosexual. The picture of him with the fag hags, notice how all of them are dressed like they’re on their way to a poetry reading, directly from the coffee shop. I can almost hear Sarah Mclachlan playing in the background. Also notice their MESSENGER bags I only see one actual purse in that pic and I strongly suspect it’s Grants and if so, lovely, baby blue is really his color. The least you can do is teach him to accessorize Bryan. Shame.

  17. Ummm…sorry. There is no need to go out of your way to ‘celebrate’ being a WASP. Every day in America is WASP/White Celebration Day. Racism runs in a systematic hierarchical scale. That means that white/middle-class/straight/males who cry ‘racisim’ are just being whiny and trying to claim the ONE right that isn’t theirs…aka being oppressed.

  18. KlassyK

    Ooh the post below was supposed to be adressed to Granty-Pants

  19. Broadway Baby

    Take it from a girl with a degree in Musical Theatre: Grant is the gay boy who has not yet realized he is a flaming homosexual. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…
    P.S.: BryanBoy, loves your designer handbag collection, baby. It’s hot!

  20. i have nothing to say to the blog entry, but i do have to say that Grant kid is quite a looker ;) <33 hahaha

  21. Monica

    Ok I have to chime in because you mentioned Florida, Bryan… I wish Tampa was still a swamp and that it hadn’t been developed. The developers and homebuilders have really raped the environment here.
    I’m from Florida’s east coast, by the way, and if you want some serious society head over to Palm Beach, kids.

  22. You would be ordinary in any counrty that has a working sewage system, but you’re not so I guess it make you “fab.”
    Also, I like that Grant kid. He has a sense of humor.

  23. You would be ordinary in any counrty that has a working sewage system, but you’re not so I guess it makes you “fab.”
    Also, I like that Grant kid. He has a sense of humor.

  24. so check this out….one of the girls in grant’s picture with the “girlfriends” is carrying a fake “ASFOUR” bag….its actually on the floor…heeeellllloooooo????!!!!!

  25. Arnault

    Posting nearly nude pics is, if not vain, a rather disgusting self-degrading ploy to earn yourself a shag or for that matter, a “possible” boyfriend. Vulgarity is the new discreet should be Vanity will never win you a boyfriend. I pity your money, or wherever it comes from. Fortunately for you, you’ve made people laugh at your alomst-witty-shallow remarks. Including me. You are post-comedic, at the very least. You know this is possibly the lowest you’ve got, bien sur.

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