(Part 1) Top Secret Project. Here's my Entry.

Written By bryanboy

No, it’s not Tinkerbell going to a funeral.


I won’t tell you what it’s for because I don’t know whether my FedEx package will arrive there just in time. If the FedEx rep I spoke to was accurate, they’ll most likely receive my entry this coming Friday. I’ll only publicize it here if they picked my entry and post it on their website. Fingers crossed. I hope they pick me. I’m so so nervous at the same time excited. It’s for charity anyway.


After much deliberation and thought, I decided to get rid of a really old Issey Miyake hoodie that I have at the back of my closet. I have no use for it at all. Some of the old things I selected from were my ultra used and abused approx. US$7,000 size 38 (yes, I was THAT skinny back then) Gucci python pants from Spring/Summer 2000 – flashback of the excess, my Alexander McQueen distressed denim jacket, McQueen mesh tank top or McQueen patchwork denim jeans.




I have really funny pictures of me back in the dark ages wearing these outfits. Currently I’m on my laptop, waiting for my younger brother to come home and sort my scanner out on my PC. As soon as he does, I’ll scan the pics and post it on Part 2. You’ll have a blast I think. Hah!

Bryanboy Trivia #260: When Bryan was a child, he plugged the TV, which was 110 Volts into a 220 electrical socket. He was lucky to be alive after being electrocuted, considering the outlet exploded right in front of his eyes. SInce then, he developed a phobia with all things electrical. He is scared of plugging things to sockets such as ipod/cellphone/digital camera chargers, holes, outlets, any cords etc to the back of a computer’s CPU, and turning on/off light switches, TV, DVD players etc. He always has to ask someone nearby to turn something on/plug something because of this phobia.

Enough of my excesses. Let’s go for minimal.

Curious what I recently had for lunch?


I need to purge now. And sleep. I’ve been up since god knows how long.

I’ll update later. I love you all.



  1. No they’re not. I quite liked it back in my heyday. Brings back a ton of memories in London. I’ll post fun pictures later when I get up.

  2. gorjazz

    ehmahgod…are those cherries? *loves cherries* and yakult? oh u know…yogurt tastes so much better and they’re practically the same thing…with less calories.
    Ciao bella!

  3. “For charity”…I never in a million years thought I would read those words here. Those white cowboy boots from before, they are plastic? leather? Who made those??????????????(i must know these things)

  4. This Kat

    You have got to be the gayest dude i’ve ever met online.
    So gay. So, so gay.

  5. If you’re looking for a home for your Miyake I’d be glad to add it to my collection here in New Zealand! y’know, seeing as how you have no use for it anymore ;)

  6. don’t give anything to craig or anyone else. I’m a walking charity case today– GIMME GIMME GIMME!

  7. Yes Oleander, but do you have an existing Miyake collection of which to add to such as I?!

  8. Beachside Prep

    Oh my i was having a horrible day but when i saw you in the first picture i laughed so hard because you look so serious (not mocking you),the whole post amused me, anyways thanks for cheering me up!

  9. the pic of your meal is so contemporary art. it looks like a sophie calle.
    as for the shock to the system, it explains a lot.

  10. Oh I so hope you win! Here’s sending you much good luck.
    Can’t tell what your lunch was, but doesn’t look very appetizing. *BZZZZTTT*** Hee hee I had to play up to your electricution phobia teehee. I have a weird phobia too, if you want to read about it I posted this about it here
    Looking forward to your pics

  11. You are a fucking mess

    God you make me sick..no wonder we cant get any fucking rights in America, its pigs like you that give gays a bad name!!!! Just die you ugly fuck!!!!!!!!!!11

  12. Dear Mr “You are a fucking mess”,
    just because you are uncomfortable (what a surprise, an uptight yank) doesn’t mean you can attack someone who is an individual like Bryan. Not everyone cowers in the closet (or some straight-acting façade) some people are comfortable with themselves. Isn’t it amusing how critics hide behind pseudonyms and anonymity? maybe if you had some balls someone might actually listen. Go hang with Tom Cruise, he might appreciate you, but here at Bryanboy, we do not.

  13. thats disgusting you’re basically promoting anorexia and bulimia on your site.
    So you’re gay…woo hoo good for you get the fuck over it!

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