5:44 AM where I’m at and boy do I feel so miserable.

You know you’re missing out on life when you spend your Friday 3AMs eating corn out of a can.

Pathetic eh?

Yesterday was alright. Been raining on and off where I live. But that didn’t stop me from getting my treatments done.


I accomplished a lot yesterday actually. I had my usual facial, power peel, massage and a body scrub.

I also have bittersweet news – my aesthetician, Joyce, will quit on August 10 because she got her US immigrant visa approved and she’s moving to the USofA with her familia as a caregiver to wrinkly old people.

It’s saddening cause she’s the only person I’ve entrusted over the past year and a half digging and extracting my face, scrubbing each and every slit and crevice on my body, etc. In other words, she’s the only person in this world I’ll get naked for each and every week; she knows my body and all the hidden secrets and gossip it has — more so than my ex-boyfriends and shag buddies.


But hey, I totally understand her need for greener pastures, so to Joyce – I’ll definitely miss you.

On that note, I did some normal things people do. I went to the gas station, went to an ATM machine and went to a fast food place – no more big macs for me. I’m on a diet. I only had fries and lemonade.






I was planning to go to some gay speed dating thing yesterday but as one of my friends said, gay, speed dating and Manila doesn’t belong to each other. It can never fit into one sentence.

A couple of moi-gang threw a mini "Miss Shapes" party at Manila DJ Club but being the hermit that I am, I decided to stay home. As always, I needed recovery time from the facial abuse I got yesterday.

So… here I am. All lonely, miserable and feeling crap.

Gawd I need change. I need a breakthrough. I need something to stimulate my poor soul.

Everything is just ugh, so tedious.

Anyone… or anyone who knows anyone with a big, thick 10-inch cock who wants to receive some sucking from me? I’ll do you for free. Yep – pro bono work. Charity indeed.

I love you, you love me, let’s get OD’ed on valiums.