Linda E for Ecstasy needs a wheelchair.

Written By bryanboy

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are in the world.

I know it’s old news but it’s only until today that I got the chance to watch the Dior F/W Couture show. I take back what I said a few months ago when I thought Galliano’s gone sedation. His new stuff are spectacular; a great tribute to my good ol’ century-egg-old buddy Christian Dior.

Erin O’Connor – poised and perfect as ever.

My favourite was his take on the "New Look". Models twirling all over the place, fantastic beats, the fabrics, ever so lightweight, the clothes, everything – it was very dramatic and moving.



I’m just disappointed with Linda. Come on – she’s *the* original queen bee bitch but when she hit the runway, she walked as if she’s constipated. Someone should’ve taken the broomstick up her asshole backstage. She almost tripped, not once, but twice – unless my eyes prove me wrong. Even the skinny young eastern european ex-hookers had a better walk than Linda.



Note to Linda: the next time you’re doing runway,

please consider taking a wheelchair and an

oxygen tank with you. I love you, I really do,

but I’m concerned about your welfare.

Even Kirsty Hume, for fucks sake, who resurrected from the abyss ashes, was more graceful than you.

Which outfit did I like most?



I’d make a very good grandmother if I had an

outfit like that.

P.S. Click here to view the entire Dior Collection in pictures or here if you want to see the video.

P.P.S.S. If you know any well-hung, under-30 year old, sugar older brother-type, please let me know. I want some serious couture. My email address is


  1. gotta take advantage of my online real estate babe. these outfits cost a fortune ;) vive la haute couture vive la sugar bruvva!

  2. The Dior show I totally loved, though my eyes burned after I followed up with some Heatherette coverage
    It was insanely ouch!!!

  3. Divadee62

    Listen up. Let me be the first to tell you that you are an ugly piece of shit. I certainly know that someone has to have told you that before Right? Come on now. You a pathetic and a huge embarrassment to your community. Talking about genocide and what not, if that’s the case you should be the first to go. How undesireable are fags? You abnormal piece of nutcake shit. You are truly disgusting. Now quote this on your sissy ass page.

  4. My sweet Bryan — maybe ol’ Linda threw back one to many champagnes backstage?

  5. Doubt it Linzo. Out of the senior citizen, how come Narcotics Naomi was good? How come Motherhood Stella Tenant was flawless, how come Eva and Nadja were awesome? Even Shalom was great — especially when she gave that trademark “ha ha my shoulders are better than yours flick flick flick” at the end of the runway.
    It’s really Linda I think.

  6. That’s true — Naomi is always on point though. Could be 5 minutes after beating some helpless assistants forehead in, but she’s always flawless. Gotta love her.
    Linda might just be rusty. Any sign of Gisele at any shows?

  7. AnnaHart

    Bryan you have no shame! That’s what makes you entertaining though…love it….are you sure you’re not just jealous of evangelista’s hotness?

  8. justin

    ok…seriously….who the hell are you??? i mean, this is HILARIOUS!!!(sp?) You’re fucking pathetic..i cant believe this shit…LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL that’s all i can fucking say…LOL seriously i CAN’T stop fucking laughing.. GOOOSH….. cant believe it, just cant…LOL aaaaagg… my god, you suck hahaha aaah..ok

  9. you seriously have no shame…..omg…. how can you expose your pathetic life in the internet like this?? LOL my godness… im sorry, but you’re freacking ugly, so disgusting, so stupid… ok, i know you’re gonna ignore this and all cuz im sure you’ve hear shit like this a looooooot of times man… but, for the love of god, you suck man… you’re ..LOL stop it dude… you’re so disgusting and ugly and just..EW i mean, seriously..WTF?! it’s unbelieveble(sp?) you’re a fucking virgin right?

  10. superficially fabulous. scandalously inane. seductively different.
    your own world, your own rules.
    Air kisses to you, my urban goddess.

  11. Divadee, Justin, and Kuki, grow up, seriously, if something is bugging you, just go away. Bryan has done nothing to you all, to make you curse at him. The one thing that makes me go insane in this world is people who criticise for no reason. SO JUST GO BURY YOURSELF IN A HOLE AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DID….. :)
    Some pieces in the Dior collection are very unique, I like <3

  12. star jones

    Hey dude…I would hve thought that your favorite ‘outfit’ would have been John Galliano.
    He’s got serious smack. Maybe he’d like to keep you in couture.

  13. it’s funny how people don’t know their spelling. hahaha the dior runway looks very very pretty. i just dont why you have so much money huhu my mom stopped feeding me so she could buy this big hermes
    im such a big fan. sorry if i sound creepy. haha

  14. Bryan, are you seriously taking Rivotril? thats one heavy anti-psychotic that should only ever be prescribed to schitzophrenics or bipolar people prone to hypomania (such as myself). I hope your psychiatrist knows what he’s doing!

  15. I’m taking .5mg of rivotril once a day in conjunction with seroxat for my panic/anxiety disorder.
    then xanax on an as-needed basis.

  16. Bryan, are you seriously taking Rivotril? thats one heavy anti-psychotic that should only ever be prescribed to schitzophrenics or bipolar people prone to hypomania (such as myself). I hope your psychiatrist knows what he’s doing!

  17. yep… i have to split a 2mg tab into fours…
    somtimes i use it to make me sleep… on heavy/insomnia days, i take like half of it and bam… i sleep like a baby.

  18. Ugh, splitting pills is such a pain – but at that low dosage they’re never going to produce a pill that small….. I used to use this ugly pink plastic pill splitting device.. perhaps you should petition Mr Galliano to design one for you!

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