First things first.


Both my sisters wanted to get their pedicures done at lunch time earlier and I tagged along cause it would’ve been nice to get some serious fresh air. Besides, I simply couldn’t sleep earlier.

Rather than babysitting the two at the nail bar, I asked our driver to drop me off to my pulmonologist. Very nice husband and wife team. They were very comforting. Dr. Andrew Gonzales, that’s his name. I still have this cough (from 2 weeks ago) that just won’t go and I sometimes find it painful whenever I smoke — DUH! He did this thing in my ears a couple of times, listened to my breathing, asked me all sorts of questions, the meds I’ve been taking etc.




Looks like I still have Acute Bronchitis, Allergic Rhinitis and Otitis Media. God, I’m such a diseased person. And there you have it — after 8 or 9 years of smoking Marlboro Reds, I finally contracted some damn respiratory disease.

My doc prescribed me all sorts of stuff, I have 6 new medications to add to my existing meds (3). He gave me this Budesonide Nasal Spray, PPA/Syndecol, Cetirizine, Norfloxacin/Euroflox, Bambuterol/Bambec and Mefenamic Acid. Add this to my daily diet of insanity pills – Seroxat, Rivotril and Xanax. God knows what my blood is made of already. At this rate, it won’t be long until I get narcotics.

Think about it, I’d be willing to skip all these if they just prescribe me 1 narcotic, oh yes, just 1, once a day, every day for a couple of days. The thought of me taking all these pills is just a royal pain in the ass.


Apres-Doctor, I asked my driver to bring me to the mall so I can comfort myself with my newfound disease.

Well hello — I’m in the third world so there’s

nothing comforting. Can you say the words

boresville and genericsville?

I ended up buying a magazine, went to Starbucks for some Iced Cafe Latte and smoked a couple of fags — yes, I know.

Then I dropped by at the department store, went straight to the Dior counter and bought 3 things – Dior Plastic Lip Gloss, some Bronze-like powder and Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen. New additions to my ever-growing cosmetic collection. It’s funny how I have all these cosmetic but I don’t even use them!

You know what they say – the eye is hungrier

than the stomach.


French fries, mashed potatoes, veggies, coleslaw and side dishes:

Are you part of the gold-collar crowd? Yay for Simple Life 4.

Um, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and fuck, yes, I’m flattered to have a fan, but why do I get the feeling there’s someone’s copying my writing style out there (hint: blind items), days after the plagiarism police notified me of such atrocity? I mean gawd, I don’t even know how to write, hence me asking for a Coffee Table Book deal. Hah!

Must buy soon – Dior Gisele Cannage Medium Handheld bag. $1,230 at


_39611619_russia_map203I’m planning to go to Moscow/Russia again for about 2-3 weeks on mid or late November, perhaps go on a 1-week expedition near the North Pole? Anyone wanna be travel budddies? You pay for your own airfare, your own expenses, I’ll cover the hotel, my airfare, my expenses. I don’t care whether you’re a girl or a boy, straight or gay as long as you are not heavier than my check-in luggage. Trust me on this one. Email me,

FYI, First Class fares from Bangkok to Moscow was around $1,500 and Biz was about $1,350 roundtrip; this was on crappy Aeroflot last year. Economy is much much cheaper I’m sure but I never fly economy.

If you’re coming from another part of the

world, I’m sure you can get your crotch to

Moscow much cheaper than a night with

a Vegas hooker.

In any case, email me, whoever you are, wherever you are in the world. It won’t hurt to say hi. Repeat after me: hi. "Hi!".  I’m lonely. It’s 11:02PM.