Departure Time: 5PM Arrival: UNK

Written By bryanboy


It’s raining.

I’m going out of my mom’s birdcage tonight and I’m going clubbing.

I still don’t have an outfit.

I predict muti-strand pearl necklace. feather headpiece. vintage cashmere chanel cardigan in flamingo peach with navy blue trim paired with a tank top and jeans. 80’s excess….

But it’s too feminine.

And then I can do all black – vintage Ghost tank top, tight back pants.

I don’t know.

Oh I just don’t know.


If you’re going to the Big Fish event at La Embajada,

you might see me around the pink walls of VIP area

away from the crowd.

If you do, say hi.

I have short attention span and I tend to look around all the time so if you call out my name I might ignore you.

If that happens, just approach me, grab my arm and say hi.

And if you’re a fucking cute guy and if you fucking FANCY ME, just grab me, look into my eyes and kiss me on the lips.

I don’t care who you are as long as you don’t have a vagina (for now at least).

I’ll update either tomorrow, Sunday, or Monday, when I get back.

Pictionary galore.




  1. And dodgy personals ads give way to outright desperation…
    Ah, only joking; have fun!

  2. It’s funny cause it’s like 6:32PM, I just finished dressing up – will go to Vuitton to get one of my trunks fixed and cleaned (I’ll change outfits later at my friend’s house), and I’m still here at home waiting for my driver to arrive.

  3. BTW
    Yes, I am a desperate old housewife with a dry spell in need of some human sperm sprinkling.
    God dammit, at this point I’ll do anyone under 35, weight-to-height proportion.
    That’s all.

  4. It would be awesome to come to you and say hi, but you probably wouldn’t like it if I kissed you. If you pushed me away, I would understand. BTW… nice outfits… you have a great sense of fashion in my eyes… The colors you use are nice and bright.. when I look at you wearing them, it actually brightens my day.

  5. Delilah Valentine

    I emailed you about some cream for fine lines. You never replied, you fucker. LOL
    Have fun on your weekend out, I have some party I’m going to, and I don’t feel like going. I just want to overdose on some sleeping pills and wake up around tuesday.

  6. Hey, Mr. (erm, Ms.?) Fabuleaux!
    Have you signed up for Blogebrity? If you haven’t, you should, coz you definitely are one…should be a cinch to make it to the A-list. ;)

  7. houseofVANCE

    Hopefully while your away you’ll get a new purse cuz that other one is DONE.

  8. You have an awesome site, BryanBoy, just wanted to let you know. It’s not like you didn’t already know that, but whatever. You heard from me and it’s official.

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