Cease and Desist my Minions

Written By bryanboy

Don’t bother emailing that dirty old man with the big forehead from CNN. I bet he’s chav scum when he’s off-air. Even if he already said hi live on TV, I’ll haven’t seen it.

I didn’t watch CNN today. So even if he *does* say hi on air, I’m here sitting on my bed, having some obesity-inducing vanilla ice cream and watching a film on HBO with Mandy Moore in it.

I kinda feel bad because you guys prolly bombarded him with emails. I take that back. They prolly don’t even read it in the first place. Well, screw it. I’ll just find another guy to prey on. Hah Bloody Hah.

And this time it won’t be an old fart like Max.

NOW IF ANY of his staff emails me with a date and time, GMT of course, as to when Max will say hi to me on air, then I’ll have a change of heart and watch CNN Today again.

But for now, lick my lipstick, Max Factor. I’m back to Dior Lip Gloss.

I’ll update with a longer post – chicken feed, lucifer and others.



  1. I absolutely love coming to your site!I think that you have more style and fabul than any GIRL that i have eva met!
    Would love to have friends like you… Bisexual is so fabulous rite now!

  2. Roxana

    we have the same brown(ish) urban outfitters boots omg :o
    PS: i love you.

  3. Delilah Valentine

    What a biotch. I can’t believe he couldn’t say hi, like it’s that big a fucking deal. Whatever, you don’t need no fucking CNN. It’s okay. :)

  4. nicole

    i love your site, it’s one of the highs of my day at my boring job. don’t listen to sean, eat to your heart’s content. you can always restrict later.

  5. omg this is entertaining.
    you remind me of a friend of mine, but even more him than he is! if that makes sense… as i still can’t figure it all out.
    ps. love the boots! so jealous..wish I could afford.

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