Another lonely bitch bites the dust. I've lost my voice.

Written By bryanboy

Good morning bitches! It’s 4:41AM on a Monday and I just got up.

I’ve been out since Friday afternoon, playing Little Miss Tour Guide to the recepient of the International Award for the Longest Gay Long Distance Relationship Ever.



How did I do? I sucked. Not literally, of course. I’m not a slut.

I failed to show them around places because there’s just absolutely no time… and I don’t know of any places to show them to. I’m a boring old fat hermit who has a sheltered life. If my memory serves me right, I brought them to 3 malls, my favourite cafe, a museum, an oyster bar, a Filipino restaurant, a club, a cafeteria restaurant and then a quickie drive to the railroad slums.


How generic. How boring eh? Well, I hope they did have fun though, in a way. I’m just bad at this "show me your city" thing because I’m clueless. If they had more time, we could’ve explored the city further.


The only thing that I can wish for at this point is that I hope they had a good impression of Manila and not think of it as a crappy third world place with nothing to do etc — which it is, in a way. LOL.



All of that aside, I had a little realization.

It absolutely sucks being around with a fucking couple. It’s the worst feeling in the world. If you could only see them the past weekend when we went shopping, They were just absolutely sweet.

It’s not just that — it’s the priceless bond that they have between them. The fact how they know each other well, how they accept and understand each other, blah blah blah. What a lucky couple. They’re very nice folks so I guess they deserve each other.

What about me though? How come I don’t get any offers?


And there I was, thinking, fucking hell, how come I don’t have a boyfriend after all these miserable years. Am I ugly? Am I undesirable? Am I really that complicated?


Fuck, do I have to sell myself and be a bloody prostitute and force-feed my customers with Rohypnol or any of those date rape pills and make them fall in love with me?

Or am I destined to be lonely forever?

Well, only time can tell. But at this point, all the roads lead to me being an old maid in the future.


Thank god for friends though.  Oh yes, thank god for my friends force-feeding me vanilla ice cream on a cone to help me get past of those weird pangs of loneliness. And materialism. Temporary happiness can indeed be found by dropping by at the Louis Vuitton store. Hah! At least it’s better than sulking.



  1. you know…you’re doing the asian girl triangle thing in a lot of your pics. chin down + one cheekbone in front + twist head to side.. :-D
    sulk enough and you’ll end up in russia again. or maybe another country you’d feel exotic in heh
    …i gotta find me some date rape drugs too…to use on myself. long haul to chicago in a few weeks :-(

  2. Patrick

    You should indicate what you are wearing in pics, like who made that teddy bear t shirt and that yellow top? You will find a husband soon enough, relax.

  3. I just can not believe that you would hang out with such ugly-ass people. My god look at that one guys gut. Jesus christ made me want to vomit, and especially that damn tranny who has some sort of fecking design etched into her/his head. Golly.

  4. Stevie

    ooooh no. horrible picturess of me!!! i missed hangin out with you and the rest of the gangs! you’veee been such a sweetie dear and i wish to come down to Manila again somewhere inn near future. Tell Gian, Grace, Tina and the rest that i say hi annd great big group hugs and kissies.

  5. Stevie

    and gRANT, get a f**king life man and stop hating people from the way they look or else the whole joke will be on you.

  6. Grant babe, I’m not that critical of people’s looks. As long as people are nice to me, I’ll be nice to them, no matter what they look like. Besides, I’m not that good looking anyway. As long as I have fun, which I always make sure I do, that’s what matters. :)

  7. Patrick, the yellow top is Marc by Marc Jacobs, the black tank top is Hysteric Glamour, the blue two-toned cashmere t-shirt is an old Prada.

  8. You are quite the interesting person, Brian. The next time you are in Florida you should hit me up. I could show you around.

  9. Your pretty ugly, I think you will end up lonely. Nah your ok, kinda like Anna Nicole Smith, but less pretty.
    Love Me

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  12. well…well…well…i was was there the whole time fucked up and drunk as hell…i should say first impressions last if you know what i mean honey honey honey honey…….that grant guy is cute!let me know where he’s from!some people deserve each other probably….anyway why bother…love is blind and love is just a four letter word so is hate…wake up honey!(he knows who he is B)you’re being milked like A cow….i think someone here deserves better…chin chin!catch ya later biatch gotta finish some stuff.

  13. Just hang in there babe. Love will find you when you least expect it. Maybe you should lower your standards a little bit? You’re too good for anyone. You’re young, you’re fabulous and you’re a pretty little thing!

  14. Hot bitch

    Honey child, I know you’re supposed to be uber rich and all that, but is that Louis denim fake? The monograms look all off-centered and shit?!

  15. Hot bitch

    Honey child, I know you’re supposed to be uber rich and all that, but is that Louis denim fake? The monograms look all off-centered and shit?!

  16. Victoria

    Bryanboy–You are just fabulous! I saw your site from makeupalley and I love it. Keep workin’ it!:)

  17. Rif Espinoza

    Is your face frozen with botox into one dumb expression, or do you just always pull a “photo-face” that you think looks cool?

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