We don't have the same Dior darling. Mine is Dior. Yours is ebay.

Written By bryanboy

I’d like to reach out to those of you out
there who buy counterfeit goods.

Please, please, please, please do NOT buy fake items, especially the ones from eBay (unless you have prime evidence they’re real, such as ORIGINAL receipts, tags, etc.)

Do you really think the $25 or something "Dior" tank top you saw is real?

I came across this lady’s blog earlier thru another blog thru another blog and saw:

This fella’ also has on the new Dior tank I just bought off ebay from
HONK KONG- where HE IS! Agh! I don’t understand how this slutty little
man has the cash for all that bling but I’m going to find his ass out!"

I presume you’re referring to the "Dior Not War" tank top, yes? Um, we don’t have the same tank top my dear fan. I got my tank top came from Christian Dior Boutique on May 27 while I was on holiday. While you got your foie (or should I say faux? either way, it’s the same) Dior from eBay. My Dior Not War tank top was HK$2,900 which is about US$373 based on today’s exchange rate. Click the graphic below for the full-size version. Capice?



Remember: counterfeit goods harbour terrorism.
Selling or buying them is illegal.

Have you not heard of those FBI raids who arrest ladies who throw "handbag parties"?

Just a friendly reminder from the fashion police in training.



  1. Blog Exploder

    Your site sucks and it looks like crap in Firefox browser.

  2. Miss K.

    I love your blog, keep on looking fabulous. I’m actually about to go call and set up an appointment with a doctor to check this Obagi you’ve been raving about.
    And I LOVE the Dior runaway track! Any chance you could send me the file if I emailed you?

  3. pretty sure you missed the point, there, bry. she was joking on you.

  4. lovingbryanlots

    OMG Bryan, I TOTALLY love you. SO much to the point where I’d fly out to whereever you are for your funeral.

  5. Kristin Meth

    you would be so proud of me. I got invited to a “handbag” party and was so desperate for that adorable fake Vuitton for US $160. But I stopped myself, and instead sprung for a real Kate Spade for US $195 a few days later at a real store. Okay if you must know, can’t afford the real Vuitton at this point, but can afford real Kate and Lulu Guinness, so it’s all real for me baby!

  6. It was TWENTY DOLLARS! And I’ll look hotter in it anyway! I’ll model all my fake ebay trash goods for you and take a picture. Tiffany, Dior. All for you.
    Thanks for the mad traffic to my blog today!

  7. Funny Weblog

    I came across Bryanboy Le Superstar Fabeleux last year by accident. I have forgotten from whose site it was linked but from all the funny and bitchy comments, this weblog is sure to crack you up– most of the times….

  8. tiffani

    bawahha!!! good job Bryan! btw, I use firefox, looks great!!! :P

  9. Delilah Valentine

    This is fucking HILARIOUS. HILARIOUS, my friend. By the way, I’m not too critical of people, but posting a picture of shit in toilet on an internet blog is just fucking, well something I’ve never seen before. I tip my hat off to you. You’re fucking something else, but I loves it. I’m a new fan of your blog. I also love that bitch you mentioned. Props GIRL! But you’re going about giving the finger the wrong way…. I love this little cat fight. It makes me get a good ass laugh, on a rather horrible fucking day. Keep up the good work.
    Until later,
    Delilah Valentine

  10. damn almost 400 for a tank top like that, i think you got ripped off man.. i dont know… 400 for a tank top, i mean is it worth really..
    anyway,,nice site

  11. I didn’t even bother going to that chicks site. She is probably jealous that you look so good in it. I refuse to go the handbag parties. I almost went to one just for the sake of my aunt, but decided why go when I wasn’t going to spend any money in the first place. Keep on blogging, I missed you while you were on hiatus.

  12. That girl looks like a piece of fugly trash. Wearing that ugly fake shirt is a diss to Dior.. people who buys fake stuff are all cheap bastards. Why do you have to buy fake stuff? If you can’t afford it, then don’t buy it. Buy something without a brand. Buy Gap buy American Eagle or anything cheaper. damn it, I fucking hate people who buy fake “luxury goods”. damn poor bitches.

  13. I totally agree…Pretty soon you just find yourself assuming it’s all fake. If I see one more fucking multicolored LV anything…

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  15. Naomi Lim

    Re:Your HK Pictures
    You rock my socks, Bryan (though I dont wear them socks):) Don’t ever let those soar losers get to you- you’re above them.. and you know what? We have the same AUTHENTIC Juicy Couture Canteen bag (‘cept mine is pinkieeee!) ^_^ You rule, I love evetything that you write!

  16. tailor

    i think that the Dior tank that you so brag about probably in reality cost about $25 dollars to make….haha. it’s just a tank, baby….who f…in cares.

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