Fugly Bad Hair Day, We love Pink, and the FBI's Most Wanted: Bag Lady Bandit

Written By bryanboy

God what a busy day yesterday was – yesterday cause it’s fuckin 1:42AM here.

A couple of hours after I made yesterday’s post, at exactly 7:30AM, my mother and I went for a Phyto body scrub and full body massage at one of the local spas. It was amazing. Since my usual papparazi weren’t around (otherwise known as my sisters), my mood-ra (mother) took a pic of me. And boy I look so fugly. It didn’t do my all-new Louis Vuitton Pleaty denim handbag justice.

Even a US$1,700 bag looks fugly on someone with bad hair.

What do you expect? I had a full body massage, from head to toe. Even the lady at the spa massaged my ass.

I just love it when a masseuse lathers my butt with oil and goes all hot horny lesbian over em, thinking my butt cheeks are a pair of tits. Oh the pleasures of lesbian sex!


God remind me, I need another lipodissolve session. I look so fat these days. Just a few more inches to go….

I also went to my aesthetician and dermatologist earlier for my usual facials. Nothing new there eh?

Since we’re talking about healthcare, there’s a new dental clinic that opened a couple of yards away from my dermatologist. I decided to go in to get my teeth cleaned cause my current dentist (whom I do my usual bleaching sessions) is on holiday.

Boy oh boy, I found a nasty surprise today. Apparently I need fillings, yes, for the first time ever, done. I’ve got an appointment next week. I like this new dentist. Her name is Cynthia and I think she’s a lesbian. Don’t get me wrong though, my current dentist was nice – she was tall, skinny and she wore Prada – but it’s soo hard to get an appointment with her. Well, it’s easy if you’re spending a ton.

Anyway, I think Cynthia’s fab and I loves her.

Trentjemlogo_blackRemember how I told you how I got so hooked into this showbiz hoola balloo?

Forget the pending subscription to Star Magazine. I found something better. I’ve been reading this blog, Pink Is The New Blog, recently.

All I can say is, OH MY GAWSH. There – we’re now officially members of the mutual admiration society. *kiddin*

I love Trent. I love all the showbiz goss. It’s just, it’s just, it’s just. Truly Outrageous! Hah ;)

On to other things….

You decide. Is this lady the same as the "Bag Lady Bandit" wanted by the FBI? I told you, there’s just something suspicious with that lady. ;) If you have any information concerning this case, please contact your local FBI



Ciao for now.

Remember me, remember them,

put em together, remember when!


  1. Oh come on you Bobby Trendy wannabe. My girl JP would NEVER drive a Chrysler Sebring and she certainly is not 40! You are pathetic. Let me let you in on a little something…the sad part is that she spent $20 on an IDENTICAL shirt to yours that you just blew too much money on. Wow, I am really impressed that you somehow can afford an ORIGINAL Dior!!

  2. I am sorry that the oxygen of the world is wasted in your nostrils. You are a completely worthless piece of ugly. In addition, it pains me that people like you exist. Have you ever thought about anyone else’s welfare? Have you ever done something actually useful with your money? Julie is a lovely person. I’m sure you wouldn’t know.

  3. Patrick

    I have been reading Trent for a few months now and I am convinced that he works for Star or some other rag. Where does he get those pics? Your blog is now my new favorite, you are really out of your mind.

  4. wow ppl like to support clothing piracy.
    not that i’m innocent of piracy, but pirated clothes are just sad. :-P

  5. My workmates and I have a blast reading your site! Would you ever consider working at Conde Nast?

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