Fly Me to Vienna, Gucci Gucci Goo and Tatler

Written By bryanboy

Yesterday afternoon, Thursday, I decided to do some last minute shopping because I still do not have an outfit for the "Preview Magazine" party tonight. As I’ve said previously, the dress code is supposed to be "Modern Indigenous" but I simply cannot find anything "Indigenous" at the stores.

But then again, the only stores I went to earlier were Vuitton, Gucci, Prada then Yves Saint Laurent.



I went to Gucci and bought a couple of things:


1) Black sneakers with leather and velcro straps
2) Black acetate/nylon pants; extremely fitted on the thighs and lower leg.
3) Black cotton long-sleeve top
4) Blue and brown bag
5) Limited-edition bag with studs


I figured later tonight, I’ll probably wear:

1) Dior Homme fitted jacket
2) Gucci black pants
3) Gucci black long-sleeve cotton top
4) Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Mink and alligator bag from last fall that I got at the Louis Vuitton Private Shoppers’ Night last week.


Shopping aside, I went to my cousin Donna’s little fundraising night called "Fly me to Vienna". It’s a 2-hour mini event to benefit independent Filipino artists and contemporary dancers.

I have to admit I’m not a "contemporary dance" person. I’m more of a "shove-cocaine-up-your-nostrils-and-dance-like-a-madman" person. I’m kidding — I’m sober as fuck.

I’m going to my best friend Tina’s house at around lunch time. I need to get a manicure done too. One of my friends will be doing my hair — I need a haircut badly.

Hopefully if there’s still enough time, I’ll probably go shopping for a nice, chunky neckpiece to match the outfit; if I found one I’ll ditch the Dior Homme jacket.

By the way, Rea, the local Brand Manager for Louis Vuitton told me yesterday she’ll email me some pictures from the LV Party last week. Apparently they’re gonna show up in Philippine Tatler. She’ll tell me when. I’m scared!

You know what they say about Tatler magazine – it’s social suicide to get your picture published there.

It means you’re a MatronAir or a senior

citizen publicizing your wrinkles, liver

spots and "wattles", clinging on to dear

god and botox before you go 6 feet

under the ground.

It’s 6:53AM and I’m off to bed. I got infected with a sore throat, cough and phlegm yesterday thanks to my dad. Hopefully I won’t develop a fever in the next 24 hours.

I’ll update later. Wish me luck!



  1. You are so fab. I’m digging the purse collection. If you ever want to kick back a few drinks in the dirty south, holla at ya girl. lol.

  2. Where do you get the money for all of this? If I had that kinda dough, I’d probably buy a house instead!

  3. I’m so confused, good songs from the runway shows. Actually I was wondering, are you a model? Anyway, I was going to delve into modeling for Chosen Management (a branch off of Elite). I’m pretty fabulous, my friends think I’m annoying. I adore Paris Hilton, and when I’m older, I hope I can conquer the world socially like she did.
    I’m uninhibited and dangerous, rawr. Email me or something.
    Your blog is very sexy.

  4. Patrick

    This bitch is too much. When it’s 9 pm in NY she is just going to bed at like 7am. She is in serious competition with Kimora Lee in Vuitton. I am really getting such a kick out of this blog. LOL DO SHE HAVE A JOB?

  5. Honest

    Obnoxious would just be a compliment for you.
    Kudos on your grotesque lifestyle; I cannot wait to read the entry when you realize none of the shit you have really matters in life at all.
    I’ll especially keep an eye out for the “Ohmygod, I can’t believe what I’ve done with my life” post.
    Extra points for being the poster boy for everything humans shouldn’t be.
    Oh, how it must suck to be you.
    How it must really, really fucking suck.

  6. I just love reading your blog. I am from NH, so I am so un-cool it would scare you. thanks for giving me a look at a crazy, exciting life…I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Synergy

    You are such a Fashion Whore ;) You really should start your own business as a Personal Stylist.

  8. that tatler assessment is true. not as much for hong kong but it’s definitely still for the older. there are some younger financial ppl and etc~…but nobody really reads the thing :-P

  9. comment

    uhhh dude, reality check. YOURE FUGLY. stop crossdressing and mind your own business. ps– let boys fuck their friends moms if they want.

    I thought it was a girl, eurgh, then upon reading furthermore… I became… Horrified…

  11. Ugh, I’m confused over what to think. If I keep reading this blog, I’ll become a woman and it’ll be a sleigh ride into menopause.

  12. really, it’d be interesting to find out how you make all the cash for all the bling. pray tell so that we may all wear prada

  13. Delilah Valentine

    Hey, Hey, you fabulous little bitch! I love it. Work it boy. Fuck these haters, they don’t mean anything to us individuals. We are individuals and have our own unique style. Keep working it!
    Just Keeping It Real,
    Delilah Valentine

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