Brain Fart and American High Schools: Where would I belong?

Written By bryanboy

Let me introduce you to Napoleon High School Seniors 2004.


I’m still sick. My fever’s gone down but I still have that awful, awful cough and chest infection. God knows when it’s gonna clear up. I wish I’ve got SARS so I can like infect each and everyone of you.

Can you imagine, I’ve been cigarette-free for the past 28 hours, to be exact? I have a ton of Marlboro Reds here – oh the temptation of just lighting one then huff and puff galore. But no. I’m determined to just follow my meds and get my cough sorted out.

I’ve been thinking, if I were to go to a yank high school on Monday, where would I belong?

Preppy? Oh fuck no. I am so not clean-cut.


Geeks? Say what now?


Goths? Marilyn Manson is so dark ages ago. I think goths evolved into candy kids whatever, non? I’m so outdated with youth culture.


Jocks? Ha ha. Like I would play any sport. Very funny though.


Go on then. Where would you classify me? Definitely not the PTA. And please don’t say the Gay-Straight Alliance.


I am so gay that even gay guys are scared of me. Which is strange cause I’m not even gay. I’m bisexual.

Enough brain farting for me. I’m off to have my lunch.

Love you lots. Toodles!


  1. Delilah Valentine

    You are not a fucking bisexual! I won’t have it. You’re gay! I’m so sick of bisexuals. Anyway, get better bitch. I just so happened to check your blog for a second time today, and you’ve filled me with some more Internet enjoyment. I’m a fan! You’ve got to keep the entries coming.
    Delilah Valentine

  2. You’ve got no real friends, no concrete sense of identity (bisexual? you’re fucking GAY, and that’s that), and I’m lead to believe this is your cop-out in trying to convince your own self that you actually have a life.
    Digicams at designer parties doesn’t cut it, asshole.
    Apologize for being the worst thing that people can downgrade themselves to. Perhaps you’ll get your dignity back, and perhaps you’ll actually see how severely fucked up a person you are.
    Don’t lie to yourself; You probably know you’re severely fucked, as well.
    You just happen to hide it all under your Dior skin.
    Fuck off, you shallow, shallow, worthless piece of shit.

  3. bryan you are fabolous as is your blog! too bad your comments section is being spammed by that miserable ebay skankaslore.

  4. DennyK

    Sorry, they’re right. Suck one cock, and that’s it bucko. Just becaus eyou manage to screw one flat-chested girl on steroids does not make you bi, sorry.

  5. Oh they are not preppy. Those are like, skanky low rider driving cargo short wearing vin diesel admirers.

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