It's Holy Week. Time for all the Satanic Souls to Come Out.

Written By bryanboy

It’s Holy Week once again. Its that time of the year when good old Jesus gets crucifixed and die… and for all the evil souls to come out and party! And when it comes to partying, everyone satanic in this damn country, myself included, will have to do their annual pilgrimage to good old Boracay to get a week’s load of sea, sun, sand, sex, tan, booze, drugs, whatever. Afterall, it’s summer – it cannot get hotter than what it is now.

I’m telling you, the heat here is crazy. It really isn’t funny. When I came out of the airconditioned supermarket earlier to buy cigarettes, all it took was no more than a 30-second walk to the parking lot and I was covered with sweat.

I really despise sweating. It’s the worst feeling in

the world.

Imagine all those nasty beads of moisture dripping down your head to your neck… then your chest and your back gets soo sweaty your clothes start to cling to your body. It’s soo ghetto.

Thank god my armpits are dry. And thank god I wore black earlier. Hah.

If I wore pastel colours I’d be committing the dreaded cardinal sin of wearing sweat marks on my clothes. Tres disgusting!

It’s quite late here at night, roughly around 11:30, and I’m busy figuring out what to pack for my little 6-day trip. I’ll only carry 2 check-in bags this time, my Vuitton mini trunk/large suitcase and a large keepall bag.

Speaking of Vuitton, I popped into their store last week and bought the most amazing beach towel ever. I thought I’d replace my so overdone old Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes beach towels so I took a peek on their new stuff. When I first saw the towel near the shoes, oh my god, I fell in love with it.


I got a little boosting/persuasion because of the fact that the Manila store only got 2 of that towel for this season — one in blue and another one is maroon. That’s it, 2 towel — 2 pieces, 1 color each. There was a matching beach bag with blue braided handles and gold bits/edges here and there but I thought it was too big of a beach bag. I thought the towel wasn’t that bad at all, around US$1,100. It’s soo soft and lightweight! The Hermes towels that I’ve been using forever were quite rough on the body and I hated it when I go to the sea and then lie down on the towel extremely wet. I end up having mini thread bits attach to me because of the Hermes fabric.


The new Vuitton towel however is a sure winner. I can just imagine it, think of the backdrop… crystal clear blue waters, blue sky, coconut trees, sun shining hard at 2 in the afternoon, the softest whitest sand you can think of (well, Amanpulo is better)… and then there’s good ol fat me on a little bathing suit, big black Valentino sunglasses, tanning my fat bottom and then add a touch of some bling bling action-figure accessories. And bam!

Gorgeous. Fucking Gorgeous. It’s bitch-eat-bitch

fest at the beach.

Anyway, it’s almost 12Midnight and I have to pack my stuff. Thought I’d drop by and say hi. I’m leaving the house at 4AM to go to the airport because my flight is at 7AM. Hopefully I’ll be on the island around 9. Early bird galore.

I’ll keep you posted regardless. Enjoy!


  1. Good gawd…I didn’t know they even made such a thing. Who has $1100 for a towel? I suppose you, apparently. :)
    I just can’t imagine….
    Well, we’re all entitled to treat ourselves. Have a fabulous time!!

  2. I am thinking the same thing who can spend $1,100 for a towel!!! Wow if I had your kind of money. What next are you going to spend 2,000 for small bottle of hand sanitizer? You know I have always run into your blog through BE and always read, but I don’t think I’ve ever commmented, I just figured I should say hi! :)

  3. You have no idea how happy you’ve made me – love that bonnie bailey single. so far have not been able to download it anywhere and the compilation album that it’s on is totally sold out over here in malaysia.
    happy belated birthday by the way. you look fab.

  4. psssttt…. Bryan, It’s April 12. Update! haha…. I enjoy reading you’re posts. It’s quite refreshing to read from someone who has a passion for fashion…. :) cheers!
    Better buy one of Vuitton’s new spring/summer collection… the cherries! :)

  5. Curious Anonymous

    hi! i just want to know where you get all the money to do all these stuff cuz YOUR THE LIVING THE LIFE!

  6. whatever

    You’re a fucking tart. Please, never have sex with a woman and create children, the reason you are gay is to prevent you from procreating. I hope you are smart enough to realize this.

  7. wat eva

    im not gonna cuss at you or anything i understand you like lavish things cuz so do i. But you are very FAKE. its funny how you made philippines sound like a really good place with your stories when it’s disgusting, litteraly. that place is worse than a third world country. and everything in there is fake (maybe becuz its close to china). the only place i like is boracay but even in that island you can see that your still in a third world country. the people there look horrible with little intelligence. they would do anything for money. and believe it or not ur one of them. you just have a little more money to afford Fake items.

  8. jayred

    “Its that time of the year when good old Jesus gets crucifixed and die….”
    Jesus deserves more respect than that. I suggest you choose your words carefully.
    Life is more than shopping for luxury products. You won’t be able to bring them with you to the grave.

  9. trust me, i know!

    umm… all ur stuff are FAKE!!!and you know it!!
    first of all the lacoste shirt that your wearing on your pic has like 4 buttons when the REAL one only has two!. second of all you live in the philippines everything in there is fake! so next time you wanna show off and pretend to be all rich, dont make a website of it where people like me can see it!ok..
    p.s. you look like an 80 your old slut from mexico without ur glasses so KEEP THEM ON! AND FIND A BIGGER ONE THAT CAN COVER UR WHOLE FACE!
    Oh yeah! lay low from the botox, ur face looks like its gonna explode!
    Bye BIYATCH!

  10. Fake4ButtonLacoste

    Update na! Your blog is the biggest guiltiest pleasure of mine. It is camp na kitsch.
    Its hilarious to see you revel in all your wannabe glory. Thinking LV or Chanel or Gucci or Pucci or Dior is the ultimate in life. Hay bading… post ka na!

  11. What’s good hommie? Are you korena, chinease, japanease, philo, etc.? Which one? Cuz if your Korena then you must know who ~Amerie~ is. She is mixed half black and half korena. She is a R&B diva. She is sexy and sweet. She is a great person if you wanna know more bout her then check my site out fam. Aight 1

  12. john slate

    jesus christ this made my brain melt. the only reason anyone would read any of this shit is to laugh at you. COngrats…you are a walking punchline


    I’ll tell you one thing, I would use your “fortune” to buy a one way ticket to anywhere else in the world. I can’t imagine living in such a shitty and disgusting country…

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